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The Options for cPanel Auto-Installers: Softaculous and Fantastico

Licensing cPanel offers you a comprehensive way to manage your accounts with a control panel, and you can include different features and applications that will allow you to maximize your business and grow your enterprise beyond where it is today. There are two distinct auto installers that will allow you to give your customers hundred of different applications that will make their websites unique and user-friendly.

Softaculous is one of the main auto installers with over 175 scripts that you can install to create blogs, calendars, educational tools, e-commerce carts, and other items that will enhance the virtual environment on any website. You can even install the WHMXtra tool for cPanel from the Softaculous platform to give yourself and your customers more options to select from when creating and developing a website.

Softaclous License vs. Fantastico License1 The Options for cPanel Auto Installers: Softaculous and Fantastico

In addition to Softaculous, Fantastico is another of the primary auto-installers available for cPanel that will give your web hosting company a competitive edge. If you are developing an e-commerce business or a web hosting company, you are probably looking to spice up your website to make it stand out from its competitors. You can do this by installing new scripts and applications that will attract your customers to spend more time on your website and potentially purchase your products and services. Many people are looking for a site to be functional and give information on their products and services, and in addition to creating educational and informative content for your site, applying scripts can show that you are dedicated to maintaining your business and providing the best features to your clients.

The Fantastico and Softaculous auto installers together would be a great combination to give your customers a wide variety of options to select from for developing and creating websites. You can apply many of these applications to your own website to show the features of each application and to draw in business.

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The Flexibility of Modular Control Panels

cPanel and Plesk are two companies that provide software programs that create control panels for easy management and system integration. Hosting control panels can be complex because of all of the different elements that you must learn and configure. Some people refer to control panels as “Black Magic” because the technologies are so intricate and advanced that it may be difficult to process and seem magical in nature. Some control panels are modular like cPanel while others like Plesk require you to update the program only through the company.

Parallels cPanel Logo1 The Flexibility of Modular Control Panels

To find a modular program that will allow you maximum flexibility, you will have to assess which program can give you the benefits that you need. If you want an open source upgrade that requires only a few simple commands to complete, cPanel may be the best option for you. If you would rather update control panels through the main company, then Plesk is a great option. You can install updates on cPanel before the technologies have even been officially released.

If you are trying to determine which control panel will best suit your needs, you can compare the flexibility of cPanel and Plesk to determine if you need a more modular, open-sourced cPanel platform or if the powerful software offered by Plesk is more suited for your business.

For flexibility, licensing cPanel is most likely the best option since the updates are installed instantly to the server as soon as they become available. Plesk is an alternative to cPanel that does not offer the same flexibility in a modular sense, but it is still an effective tool to create control panels to manage and integrate your systems. cPanel offers an intuitive control panel that is able to be updated regularly, while the Plesk alternative will require you to get all upgrades directly from the company.

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Plesk and Enkompass Windows Control Panels

Obtaining control panels for Windows can make managing your everyday tasks much easier and less time consuming. There are a number of control panels to consider if you need to operate them on Windows. Plesk is one of the foremost developers of integrated, all-inclusive management software geared toward developing control panels that an administrator can customize with specific features and applications to make the virtual experience more complete.

Plesk Control Panel1 Plesk and Enkompass Windows Control Panels

In addition to Plesk, Enkompass can also provide you with all of the tools that you need to operate control panels for Windows. Both Plesk and Enkompass are user-friendly and have an intuitive GUI interface that makes creating websites and managing billing systems simple with control panels. Plesk and Enkompass will give you all the tools that you need to create administrator control panels and provide an array of different features and applications to your customers. Using advanced control panels can help attract new business and generate a new client base.

Enkompass Control Panel Plesk and Enkompass Windows Control Panels

Enkompass is a cPanel creation that is designed specifically for web hosting on Windows. Many of the features on this program are richly created and well-designed to save you time and money when developing a web hosting business. You can also migrate from other control panels to Enkompass. If you are interested in licensing Enkompass but you want to test the features out first, you can apply for a thirty-day test license. Some of the attributes to the Enkompass software are flexibility, high performance, consistency, and scalability on control panels for Windows.

Plesk offers similar features and an intuitive interface that is easy to manage for administrators and easy to access for end users. Plesk has designed a well-rounded program that is compatible with Windows and allows you to grow and expand your business by eliminating menial daily tasks with their automation software and intuitive control panels. For Windows, both Plesk and Enkompass are good additions to any web hosting company, and you should learn as much as you can about both companies to see which will be the best fit for your hosting business.

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Streaming Internet Radio on cPanel with WHMSonic Plug-In

Whether you run a small or large web hosting company, you can diversify the content that you give your clients by applying the WHMSonic plug-in to your control panel. The benefits of adding streaming audio to your server are manifold because a lot of people enjoy listening to Internet radio and listening to information regarding a business via an audio recording. MP3 files and Internet radio can be streamed directly to your websites if you add WHMSonic to your cPanel control panel.

Licensing cPanel offers you a number of advanced features to choose from when creating your own customized control panel. There are a number of different applications and auto-installers that you can use on your cPanel software to upgrade your features and integrate new technologies into your system. The best thing about integrating WHMSonic into cPanel is that you can create your own Internet radio station for your viewers to enjoy. This can be anything that suits your website and may help draw in and attract more traffic to your site. Streaming audio can give your website a more complete virtual experience.

794713 404570412 Streaming Internet Radio on cPanel with WHMSonic Plug In

Audio streaming will let you capitalize on the market trends that indicate that Internet radio is a profitable business opportunity. Many people like to listen to streaming Internet radio because there are fewer interruptions and the connection is stronger than on some other mediums. Adding WHMsonic to your cPanel will give you another feature to offer to customers and to use on your own websites. You can maximize the productivity of your business by taking advantage of market trends and offering customers an enhanced virtual experience.

Streaming audio with WHMSonic is supported by a number of audio players so you won’t have to worry that the system won’t be compatible with your viewers. After you begin licensing your cPanel, you can quickly and easily apply the WHMSonic plug-in directly to your control panel to enable streaming Internet radio.

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Virtualize Your Hosting to Save Money, Time, and Energy

As a hosting or reselling provider, you need to be able to maximize in order to survive in the current economy.  This means maximizing your time in terms of server creation, partitioning, and destruction.  It means maximizing your resources in terms of what is required for every website to run on your servers.  And it means maximizing your money by finding the most cost effective way to create websites and servers.  The best way to accomplish all of this and more is simple- virtualization.

Using virtualization technology such as Parallels Virtuozzo is simply a wise business move.  This can help you save thousands of dollars on hardware, because Virtuozzo can create virtual private servers on the fly, creating and destroying them on the fly as you need the resources.  Offering virtualization can also help by ensuring that you are providing your customers with a new service option that can help greatly increase your overall revenue.  Virtualization lets you utilize virtual servers that are independent of one another, providing great benefit to your customers and end users and allows you to virtualize resources as well, ensuring that every server has the amount of resources needed at any given moment rather than creating equal distribution through a physical server.

Parallels Virtuozzo Screenshot Virtualize Your Hosting to Save Money, Time, and Energy

WHMCS is also an important part of top level virtualization.  You will find that using WHMCS with Virtuozzo lets you fully automate the creation and destruction of virtual private servers as well as to make needed changes to these servers on the fly. WHMCS also ensures that everything you need is automated, which means that there are no more manual container updates.  When you combine Virtuozzo and WHMCS, the end result is a powerful virtualization option that can help you conserve money, time, and energy while actually improving the product offered to the end user.

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The Difference Between Updates and Upgrades

When looking online to learn more about certain software and features, you will find that people seem to use the terms update and upgrade interchangeably.  Yet the truth of the matter is that they two terms are incredibly different.  When it comes to your operating system or control panel, knowing the difference between updates and upgrades is key.  You will also want to know whether upgrades are necessary depending on the version of your software or operating system, and here we will take a better look at both terms.

upgrade vs update The Difference Between Updates and Upgrades


Updates are offered frequently by both operating system manufacturers and control panel makers.  These updates are usually small downloads that will add new features, improve security, or patch over a potential flaw in a program’s code.  Updating is absolutely essential and whether you are considering cPanel, Plesk, Linux, or ClientExec, you will find that it is generally best to download updates as soon as they become available.  This will help prevent any potential security concerns and ensure that you are always offering the top options available from within any of these programs.  The bottom line is that in reality, updates are absolutely essential.


Upgrades are slightly more optional, though still very worth your consideration.  An upgrade is an entirely new version of a program.  Upgrades are considerably more time consuming and can mean that you will need to reinstall everything that goes on top of them.  This can be easily accomplished by creating backups of your control panel or website in many cases, but you will find that an upgrade can take you offline.  Because of this, they are often recommended to be performed during scheduled maintenance and you will want to consider whether the new features and options are worth the added cost of buying a new version of the same program.

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