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Virtualize Your Hosting to Save Money, Time, and Energy

As a hosting or reselling provider, you need to be able to maximize in order to survive in the current economy.  This means maximizing your time in terms of server creation, partitioning, and destruction.  It means maximizing your resources in terms of what is required for every website to run on your servers.  And it means maximizing your money by finding the most cost effective way to create websites and servers.  The best way to accomplish all of this and more is simple- virtualization.

Using virtualization technology such as Parallels Virtuozzo is simply a wise business move.  This can help you save thousands of dollars on hardware, because Virtuozzo can create virtual private servers on the fly, creating and destroying them on the fly as you need the resources.  Offering virtualization can also help by ensuring that you are providing your customers with a new service option that can help greatly increase your overall revenue.  Virtualization lets you utilize virtual servers that are independent of one another, providing great benefit to your customers and end users and allows you to virtualize resources as well, ensuring that every server has the amount of resources needed at any given moment rather than creating equal distribution through a physical server.

Parallels Virtuozzo Screenshot Virtualize Your Hosting to Save Money, Time, and Energy

WHMCS is also an important part of top level virtualization.  You will find that using WHMCS with Virtuozzo lets you fully automate the creation and destruction of virtual private servers as well as to make needed changes to these servers on the fly. WHMCS also ensures that everything you need is automated, which means that there are no more manual container updates.  When you combine Virtuozzo and WHMCS, the end result is a powerful virtualization option that can help you conserve money, time, and energy while actually improving the product offered to the end user.

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