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DirectAdmin Themes Are Possible!

It can be quite frustrating when you spend all of your time installing a control panel only to realize that you just don’t like the layout and format once you have it up and running and have logged in.  While you should certainly know that you are not the only person to have ever experienced this, you certainly need to know that there is something that you can do about it.  You need your customers to see your company as unique.  This will certainly help them remember you, and it will help you to stand out in a sea of competitors.  This means that you need to find a way to add themes to your DirectAdmin. Since this is not a native feature, however, you are going to have to learn how to get around this.  With an attractive DirectAdmin skin, your control panel can be as unique as your company.

DirectAdmin Themes DirectAdmin Themes Are Possible!

So, what do you do in order to implement something besides the default DirectAdmin theme?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  Taking the time to perform an online search will show you that there are actually a number of websites that can provide you with custom DirectAdmin themes or skins.  You can also create your own custom DirectAdmin skin.  This lets you customize your DirectAdmin license to your needs, rather than simply working with what the program comes with.  Your control panel such as; cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk Panel and many others should have a layout that is easy for you and your end users to understand and utilize, and adding themes and skins is an easy way to accomplish this.  Whether you are looking to simply create a look that is distinct to your company or are looking for a way to put the most requested features in a convenient location, creating custom DirectAdmin themes is definitely the best way to accomplish this.

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What Are Some Good cPanel Alternatives?

In terms of control panel software, cPanel and WHM have long been the traditional default choices.  There is no doubt that the programs are quality and that they are effective, but for some users, there has certainly long been a need for greater scalability and more features.  The days where there were no real alternatives to these programs have long since ended, and there are actually a number of new and existing programs available that provide a great alternative to cPanel.  Plesk, ISPManager, InterWorx, and DirectAdmin all provide excellent alternatives for people whose needs are simply not met by cPanel.

cPanel License Alternative What Are Some Good cPanel Alternatives?

What you will notice when searching for control panel software these days is that cPanel alternatives are not hard to find at all.  In fact, they are quite prevalent. A Plesk license, for example, is largely considered to be cPanel’s biggest competitor.  The software is incredibly feature rich, and it is also far less expensive to the end users who are required to purchase it.  Add to this a much more user-friendly design and approach and you can start to see why the control panel software is giving cPanel a real competition in terms of popularity and user numbers alike.

Most of the cPanel alternatives, including Plesk, ISPManager, and DirectAdmin offer not just the same level of functionality as cPanel, but in many cases, they offer more.  Benefits such as increased scalability to really meet the specific needs of the end user as well as lower costs and resource requirements make these alternatives a very viable and worthwhile option for a large number of hosting companies.  Modern solutions offer a vast number of scripts as well as easy script installation and top level support.  While a cPanel license will certainly still hold a place in the market, it is no longer the only option or even guaranteed to be the most effective option.

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What Are the Alternatives for Plesk?

When it comes to control panel software for the web hosting industry, there is no company quite as big as Plesk.  The company has a variety of programs and solutions, and their control panel is certainly one of the most highly pushed options.  But that doesn’t make it a perfect fit for everyone.  When you are looking to provide your hosting company with control panel options, it may prove beneficial to actually take a look at some of the Plesk alternatives out there.  There are certainly many to choose from.

interworx license What Are the Alternatives for Plesk?

Plesk 10 is still the most popular choice out there right now, especially in Europe, largely because they have a global reach and the ability to provide a system that is highly scalable and capable of handling growth.  Most rival control panel software simply does not have this capability fully implemented as of yet.  There are a number of players in the game that have established themselves as serious Plesk alternatives, such as cPanel, ISPManager, and DirectAdmin, but the simple fact is that they are not on par in terms of reach and scalability just yet.

If you feel that Plesk 10 is not the option for you, but you need a control panel solution that can meet all of the same needs while offering more features, the only Plesk alternative that will really fit the bill is InterWorx.  InterWorx is by far the top Plesk alternative.  The control panel is incredibly feature rich and has low resource requirements.  It offers exceptionally high availability and offers plenty of tools without ever becoming overly complicated.  With easy resource management and a full featured API, InterWorx is a more viable Plesk alternative than cPanel and DirectAdmin for many.  Take the time to look at all of your control panel options, but understand that in terms of providing the same levels of scalability and reach as Plesk, InterWorx is going to provide the best Plesk alternative.

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Start Your Own Reseller Business with DirectAdmin!

The DirectAdmin control panel has a truly unique feature for managing resellers. The reseller center is so easy to understand and navigate, it won’t take any longer than a few moments for a reseller to be up and running. Being able to manage IP space, DNS, themes, and many other features has made DirectAdmin a leader in reseller and hosting services. This control panel gives a reseller or hosting provider the ability to customize every aspect or create packages to make it easier and more efficient to create accounts with a specific number of features. There is a special menu for administrators, resellers, and users, so you will be able to easily navigate the site until you find what you need after you purchase a DirectAdmin license.

DirectAdmin Reseller Start Your Own Reseller Business with DirectAdmin!

With a DirectAdmin license, you can start earning an additional revenue stream by offering your clients the ability to become resellers and sell their services into the DirectAdmin hosting segment. Creating more revenue streams is one of the best ways to keep your company in business, even during a tough economy. DirectAdmin will also allow you to automate your hosting with WHMCS or ClientExec. Automating your entire hosting operation should be a straightforward process with a DirectAdmin license.

If you are a reseller, you need to find a control panel that supports IP addresses and full DNS management techniques. DNS has proven to be one successful way to keep your networks secure, and with a hosting plan, it is especially important to ensure that your customers will have a reliable website provider to work with. If you are a reseller, the same general rules apply. A reseller can greatly benefit from a  DirectAdmin license because the software is optimized to make management and organization of accounts simple. You can also create accounts quickly and migrate data easily. With IP and DNS support on your DirectAdmin license, you can take full advantage of the hosting capabilities of one of the most affordable control panel programs on the market.

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DirectAdmin – Easily Manage All of Your Customers

You are now able to manage your entire DirectAdmin server by simply reviewing three screens within DirectAdmin. The “Process Monitor,” “Log Viewer,” and “System Information” sections provide you with full insight and information on your current server status and other system information. Using those three, you will be able to see exactly what is happening within the server and be able to easily stop and start any service before they become available or otherwise. Using this type of service will provide you with the valuable knowledge that you need to keep your server functioning properly at all times. When you purchase a DirectAdmin license, you will be able to utilize unique and powerful features on a control panel used by people all around the world.

DirectAdmin Reseller License DirectAdmin – Easily Manage All of Your Customers

DirectAdmin makes things extremely easy. You will not only be able to save on staffing resources with DirectAdmin, but you will also be able to reduce your operating costs in general, as DirectAdmin is extremely cost-effectively priced. DirectAdmin may not seem to have all of the bells and whistles that the other products do, but it is extremely efficient, fast, and it provides you with all of the necessary features that you need to fully operate and manage your websites, servers, and networks with a control panel.

DirectAdmin is probably one of the least expensive control panel software programs on the market, but that is not to say that DirectAdmin is cheaply made. Many people think that DirectAdmin is undervalued because it is so easy to understand and to use. It provides even novice users with a quick and simple format that they can quickly apply to their system. With a DirectAdmin license, you will be able to manage your system with ease, keep all of your customer information up to date, and make sure that the experience that your customers have with your business is a pleasant one.

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Can Small Hosting Companies Benefit from Using DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is one of the most user-friendly web hosting control panels that has ever been introduced into the market. DirectAdmin has been around for years, and they have mastered the art of control panel development by allowing web host beginners to easily get started and grasp all of the functions of the software. Since a DirectAdmin license is much less expensive than other control panel programs on the market, it is perfect for start up businesses that need to add functionality, flexibility, and appeal to their hosting environment.da main screenshot Can Small Hosting Companies Benefit from Using DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin control panel’s interface allows you to view stats of your websites, and you are sure to find these useful when you need to get down to the details. DirectAdmin is made with scalability in mind so as your business grows, DirectAdmin will be able to adapt and provide you with the services that you need to support an expanding business. It is easy when you are first starting out, and DirectAdmin is powerful enough to handle the biggest tasks that it has ever been forced to face. DirectAdmin is one of the most dynamic and powerful web hosting control panels on the market.

A DirectAdmin license is extremely cost effective, and the simple layout of the control panel makes it effortless to use for hosting providers or anyone else that is in need of a control panel. By ordering a DirectAdmin license, you can access all of the features that you need to get your business up and running, and in very little time, you will be able to understand everything that this program is capable of completing. A control panel is excellent for businesses that are in need of automation services, and DirectAdmin will allow you to effectively manage your virtual environment while also providing an efficient and user-friendly experience for your customers.

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