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WHMSonic – Real Time Controls for Radio Hosters

When it comes to controls, there are few scripts that enable hosting companies to become audio streaming hosts. In reality, there are almost none that provide real-time controls over customers’ resource usage. Luckily, you can purchase a program like WHMSonic that allows you to do all of these things and so much more. From live streaming radio stations to creating your very own radio streaming service, WHMSonic has the market cornered on all services related to Internet radio. If you are a hosting provider, this is one of the best programs that you can offer to help your hosting business stand apart from your competitors. WHMSonic will allow you to offer your clients a more personalized website space, and since it is very easy to integrate and to use, you can rest assured that your customers will enjoy the user-friendly interface on WHMSonic.

WHMSonic License WHMSonic – Real Time Controls for Radio Hosters

The purpose of WHMSonic is to make your life simpler by giving you the options that you need to add live streaming radio to your websites, create your own play lists, use an Auto DJ function, or even configure a live DJ. You can also use flash players with WHMSonic. It is really revolutionizing the industry by offering so many radio streaming services at a great price. It can be integrated easily onto a cPanel control panel, and many hosting plans may offer WHMSonic in their feature set.

Additionally, WHMSonic supports over 8 languages within its interface, allowing you to provide your customers with language support in their own native languages. If you can appeal to more customers worldwide, then you can great increase your opportunity for expansion. WHMSonic is ahead of the game in many respects because they offer radio streaming and controls as well as language support and High-Definition quality sound. With all of these features and many others, this is one of the best products on the market for radio services.

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WHMSonic and Auto DJ – A Gift to Internet Radio

WHMSonic has a great edge to offer internet radio because now you can apply the Auto DJ script directly to your control panel so that you can offer your clients the option to stream radio directly to their websites. The management interface on WHMSonic provides you with complete control over your internet radio stations, and you can customize the script so that it will play exactly what you want. Auto DJ and live DJ are some of the best features available on WHMSonic because you can keep your music playing and easily switch between an Auto DJ and a live DJ so that your listeners never miss a beat.

WHMSonic Online Radio WHMSonic and Auto DJ – A Gift to Internet Radio

The effortless move from Auto DJ to live DJ is just one of the many great features of the WHMSonic application because this will allow you to make your website more interactive and provide a more thorough virtual experience for your customers to enjoy. WHMSonic is compatible with multiple languages and you can use Shoutcast or create customized playlists for any website.

WHMSonic allows you to manage and customize your internet radio station in a variety of ways. You can set up your system to auto-play mp3 files, auto-mix tracks, shuffle, and run through preset playlists. You’ll even be able to set usage limits for your server to ensure that you don’t exceed your bandwidth limits. In addition, you can set up both internal and external radio stations on WHMSonic, which allows you many more options when it comes to customization and management of your internet radio stations.

Licensing WHMSonic is a great addition to any hosting platform because of the innovative Shoutcast, Auto DJ, live DJ, and other features. Stream audio directly to your websites with WHMSonic and offer your customers the chance to really customize and tailor their site to attract more visitors.

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WHMSonic – Enabling Radio Resellers Easily

When building a reseller base for your services, nothing is more important than an easy to use control panel. By choosing a good control panel, you will be able to offer flexible services to your customers that are adaptable and easy for you to manage. This is a great benefit to any hosting provider, and WHMSonic is just one add-on module that will enable you to build resellers and increase your customer base.

WHMSonic has a tight integration with cPanel/WHM, and this makes integration super easy for you. Adding a reseller to your empire is as easy as going to the cPanel Reseller Center and creating the package that your new customer would like to use. Resellers have so many options, and licensing software from a reseller allows you to get a better deal and still have all of the same features that you would normally have if you licensed the product through the software developers.

whmsonic WHMSonic – Enabling Radio Resellers Easily

Reselling software has become a really lucrative business, and if you are just getting started as a reseller, then offering a couple of different products to your customers is the best way to acquire new business. The more business that you can generate from adding programs like WHMSonic will benefit you in the long run because your customers may come back again in the future for other similar items or to upgrade their control panel or billing system. Since resellers have so many options on which programs to license, it is helpful to know which programs your customers actually want.

WHMSonic is becoming increasingly popular as people look to add a more customized feel to their website with music or audio recordings. By offering WHMSonic to your reseller customer base, you can greatly expand your business potential and increase your potential revenue stream.

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Provide High Quality Streaming Radio with WHMSonic AutoDJ

Many web hosting companies and other business niche industries want to find a way to accelerate their business growth and stand out from the competition. In addition to the many features that you can utilize on cPanel, there are many exciting plug-ins like WHMSonic and streaming Auto DJ to enhance your virtual environment and allow you to offer more to your customers. WHMSonic gives you the ability to stream live audio to your websites and use the revolutionary AutoDJ to customize streams with your own intro messages, playlists, and backup files on the fly.

The WHMSonic plug-in allows you to create your own Internet radio station to stream from your website. The AutoDJ system for WHMSonic gives you unlimited bandwidth and playlists as well as Shoutcast DNAS. You can support all media players with the WHMSonic AutoDJ System, and since the features allow you to customize your streaming radio and playlists, you can have multiple radio streams that play different genres of music at the same time.

WHMSonic Interface Provide High Quality Streaming Radio with WHMSonic AutoDJ

WHMSonic with the auto DJ streaming feature are bursting with features and functionality so that Shoutcast can provide Internet hosting providers and resellers with a way to offer new services to their customer base. Streaming audio has never been easier to integrate into your existing cPanel control panel. The Auto DJ streaming on WHMSonic will give you the best features to add customized streaming Internet radio directly to your website.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your existing website and offer a more exciting virtual experience for your customers, then adding WHMSonic and AutoDJ to your cPanel system will give you the opportunity to customize and create your own playlists and play streaming music of different genres directly on your websites. With WHMSonic and cPanel, you will have the latest technologies at your fingertips to help get your started quickly and easily using this exciting auto DJ streaming service.

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Streaming Internet Radio on cPanel with WHMSonic Plug-In

Whether you run a small or large web hosting company, you can diversify the content that you give your clients by applying the WHMSonic plug-in to your control panel. The benefits of adding streaming audio to your server are manifold because a lot of people enjoy listening to Internet radio and listening to information regarding a business via an audio recording. MP3 files and Internet radio can be streamed directly to your websites if you add WHMSonic to your cPanel control panel.

Licensing cPanel offers you a number of advanced features to choose from when creating your own customized control panel. There are a number of different applications and auto-installers that you can use on your cPanel software to upgrade your features and integrate new technologies into your system. The best thing about integrating WHMSonic into cPanel is that you can create your own Internet radio station for your viewers to enjoy. This can be anything that suits your website and may help draw in and attract more traffic to your site. Streaming audio can give your website a more complete virtual experience.

794713 404570412 Streaming Internet Radio on cPanel with WHMSonic Plug In

Audio streaming will let you capitalize on the market trends that indicate that Internet radio is a profitable business opportunity. Many people like to listen to streaming Internet radio because there are fewer interruptions and the connection is stronger than on some other mediums. Adding WHMsonic to your cPanel will give you another feature to offer to customers and to use on your own websites. You can maximize the productivity of your business by taking advantage of market trends and offering customers an enhanced virtual experience.

Streaming audio with WHMSonic is supported by a number of audio players so you won’t have to worry that the system won’t be compatible with your viewers. After you begin licensing your cPanel, you can quickly and easily apply the WHMSonic plug-in directly to your control panel to enable streaming Internet radio.

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