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WHMSonic – Enabling Radio Resellers Easily

When building a reseller base for your services, nothing is more important than an easy to use control panel. By choosing a good control panel, you will be able to offer flexible services to your customers that are adaptable and easy for you to manage. This is a great benefit to any hosting provider, and WHMSonic is just one add-on module that will enable you to build resellers and increase your customer base.

WHMSonic has a tight integration with cPanel/WHM, and this makes integration super easy for you. Adding a reseller to your empire is as easy as going to the cPanel Reseller Center and creating the package that your new customer would like to use. Resellers have so many options, and licensing software from a reseller allows you to get a better deal and still have all of the same features that you would normally have if you licensed the product through the software developers.

whmsonic WHMSonic – Enabling Radio Resellers Easily

Reselling software has become a really lucrative business, and if you are just getting started as a reseller, then offering a couple of different products to your customers is the best way to acquire new business. The more business that you can generate from adding programs like WHMSonic will benefit you in the long run because your customers may come back again in the future for other similar items or to upgrade their control panel or billing system. Since resellers have so many options on which programs to license, it is helpful to know which programs your customers actually want.

WHMSonic is becoming increasingly popular as people look to add a more customized feel to their website with music or audio recordings. By offering WHMSonic to your reseller customer base, you can greatly expand your business potential and increase your potential revenue stream.

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I like whmsonic, its a good company, and the software is pretty good. Works well, and very good its the best with WHM/cPanel.

Posted by Pete Fuller - May 7th, 2011 @ 11:27 AM