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Blesta – Completely Revitalized from the Ground Up!

The improvements to the Blesta billing system are pretty widely known, and Blesta 3 is one of the most exciting releases that the company has ever unveiled. In the past weeks and months, the developers have been redesigning the interface, the API capabilities, and the authentication features among many other elements. Blesta 3 is really taking out the stops by making it more modular and scalable. The difference between previous versions of Blesta and the new version is that Blesta 3 is built upon an open-source framework.

Blesta 3 License Blesta   Completely Revitalized from the Ground Up!

The new version of Blesta will require a double authentication procedure that involves two distinctive factors: username/password and physical token. This gives a multi-faceted approach to security and keeps servers and accounts safer by using a dual-method. The API features has also been updated and expanded to include a more functional and usable model of the former Blesta API. Making Blesta more open source is a great feature for anyone that wants to develop new plug-ins or elements for the billing system program.

Blesta has taken a couple of things very seriously when developing and redesigning their billing system software, and the most important are ease of access and security. Anyone is able to access the billing system from any location, and the security features are some of the best in the billing system industry. These are some of the reasons why Blesta Version 3 will be an all encompassing API, which will allow end users to do virtually anything via API that they would be able to do while they were logged in to the billing system. Additionally, when it comes to security, the RSA two-factor security is hard to break if not nearly impossible. Using two-factor security to protect their billing system, Blesta is now leading the crowd when it comes to advanced security features.

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A Sneak Peak at Blesta 3

The Blesta team loves to surprise their clients with the most innovative features and improvements, and the new version of Blesta 3 has been kept hidden so that the release will gain the most enthusiasm and support when it is unveiled. Blesta 3 is potentially one of the most impressive billing system software programs to hit the market in a long time. The Blesta 3 billing system is threatening to shake up some of the major industry leaders, WHMCS and ClientExec.

Although we did find out a few of the new features, Blesta 3 is still going to be a big surprise. One of the new features offered on the billing system software is an easily changeable design that fits in to your needs with just the click of a button. WHMCS and ClientExec are going to have a hard time keeping up if they don’t come out with a product that has similar features to this version of Blesta. You no longer have to spend countless hours programming the software, you can simply select a few options and the interface will be customized so that it will lead to the most productivity for your business.

Blesta 3 One Time Token A Sneak Peak at Blesta 3

Another rumor is that the new form of Blesta will support multiple forms of currency, and this is another aspect that will set it apart from WHMCS and ClientExec. This is a rumor that is circulating about the program, so please don’t accept it as fact, but it is interesting to think that a billing system will be able to use multiple forms of currency. The upgrade to Blesta 3 will be available to any of the Blesta 2 users for initial beta testing, and this is uncommon for Blesta to do. They added this new feature to make it easier for their existing clients to upgrade and use the more advanced version of their products, while new users can go through licensing Blesta to obtain the best features on the market.

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Blesta 3 – Closer than You Think or Is It?

As you may have heard, there is a new version of Blesta that will be hitting the market in the not-too-distant future. Blesta 3 will be unveiled shortly, but the secret name has not yet been released. That is why the new program is referred to as Blesta 3 until the name has been disclosed. Blesta 3 will provide you with an array of new and useful features, so that you can improve your virtual environment by enhancing the flexibility and feature rich services that you offer your customers.

Blesta is a remarkable billing system that has been built from the ground up to meet all of their customers needs. The security features and improvements that have been made will surely make Blesta a more popular option among consumers looking for a reliable, functional billing system. If you are currently using ClientExec or WHMCS and you are looking to make a switch, you may want to stay tuned for the release of Blesta 3.

Blesta License Theme Colors Blesta 3 – Closer than You Think or Is It?

There may be a shortage of information about the new Blesta release, but we have been able to deduce some things about the new software program as it related to ClientExec and WHMCS. RSA Security tools on Blesta 3 have been enhanced, and they may be releasing an iPhone app to make mobile management possible. This feature, we have concluded, will provide double and maybe even triple identification.

Blesta 3 will make the billing system market even more competitive, as the developers attempt to make this software program stand out from the rest. Their competitors, ClientExec and WHMCS will need to keep pace with Blesta in order to capitalize on the innovation and improvements that will be made on the new Blesta 3 program. If ClientExec and WHMCS can put particular emphasis on their security features, they may be able to stay competitive with Blesta after the newest release is complete.

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Automate Your Business’s Billing System with a Blesta License

When looking for a billing system, you want to choose one that is packed with a wide array of functional features so that you can have the most comprehensive automated billing system environment. This can make your business much easier to manage, and you can store data and information in one central location and access it whenever you need it. The best part about the Blesta billing system is that the interface is extremely easy to navigate and you can enjoy a wide array of specialized reports that detail how your business is operating.

If you need an expandable billing system management and help desk software program, Blesta will meet your current needs and can grow with your business as you gain more traffic to your site and generate more long term business. Blesta can provide you with a comprehensive billing solution that you can use even as your business expands and so much more.

blesta add service Automate Your Business’s Billing System with a Blesta License

Blesta staff members are steadfastly dedicated to being an open, modular management system, and the features and help desk software are very developer friendly. They do not encode many of their files including modules, gateways, and templates so that you can customize and create your own specific system tailored to your needs. Blesta is by far one of the most developer friendly billing systems on the market, and this has really allowed them to excel since developers freely embrace the platform.

Another great thing about Blesta billing system and help desk software is they have over 22 payment gateway modules, and it is an impressive display that shows how Blesta is willing to work with almost any gateway provider. Furthermore, Blesta can be integrated with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and many other control panels because of the automation modules that allow for easy integration and migration. If you use one of the major control panels, you can rest assured that Blesta billing system and help desk software will be compatible.

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Move to a New Billing System – Try out the demo first

Billing systems are very important to online business and probably the most important aspect out of all the components that make of the success of an online business.  If you find yourself unsatisfied with your current billing system and wish to move to another but not sure how to go about this, we suggest you try a few demos!

Some of the top billing systems on the market currently are, Blesta, WHMCS and ClientExec.  What makes these billing systems better than the rest?  We will briefly go through each one and show you why we recommend these to anyone.  As you read through, keep in mind your specific requirement as this will make choosing a new billing system much easier.  If you are undecided, don’t worry; as a licenses provider we offer each of these billing systems with a demo so that you can see first-hand if it is the billing system that will suit your needs.

If you need a billing system that includes billing, support and client management,  Blesta is for you.  Blesta can seamlessly integrate into a variety of business types, whether it be development, web hosting and many other niches because of its modular design. The design is clean, fully automated and developers will find the many unencoded modules a plus.  If this sounds like a billing system that would work for you, why not try the Blesta Demo!

From signup to termination, WHMCS handles it all. If your business is on subscription-based services, you will appreciate the easily customizable features.  WHMCS is developer friendly, includes a support center, features a module library and can automate your provisioning.  If this looks like a billing system that will integrate well into your business, try a WHMCS Demo now!

If you are a reseller needing a wide-selection of plugins and features, ClientExec is a great option.  ClientExec can integrate into almost any control panel you are using.  The interface is easy to navigate, is easily customizable and integrates into most payment gateways.  If you are a reseller looking for a great billing system, try the ClientExec Demo!

Searching for the right billing system is hard.  Trying demos out can be a great start in this process. No matter which billing system you find to be the perfect one for you, we hope this will help make the process a little easier.

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Billing Systems and eNom Accounts – What do they have in common?

While everyone who is involved in any web related business, understands that keeping track of your customers and billing them on time is essential. Many of our billing system license holders happen to be in the web hosting industry. Of which, a wide selection of customers wanted to start offering domain names, but without the cost of actually purchasing a eNom reseller account, which is to be frank, is expensive and not as easy as it seems.

Having understood the challenge that we faced, we started figuring out ways we could tackle this issue. After a few days of digging (which we will admit, there is a massive amount of different registrars and reseller features offered) we saw that again eNom had the best line up of price, tld support, and existing billing system integrations.

icon enom Billing Systems and eNom Accounts – What do they have in common?

Once we had decided on eNom as the registrar (after two or more hours of discussion), we embarked on a reading exercise which in itself was a grueling task one might say. Some more discussions ensued which we finally came up with a solution (yaay!)

A module that we could integrate into our billing system which would allow all of our customers (new and existing) the opportunity to obtain a free eNom account.  Not only is this a free eNom account, this will also be an automatic process so you don’t have to fill in a billion fields like you would otherwise have to at eNom.

When ordering a billing system, be it a Blesta license, WHMCS license, or any other sort of billing system within our lineup, you will now be offered a free eNom account with your purchase!  Again, we are very excited to be able to offer this service to you our customer.  We wish you the best in all of your endeavors.

Thanks again everyone for all the feedback, and keep them coming to

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