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A Sneak Peak at Blesta 3

The Blesta team loves to surprise their clients with the most innovative features and improvements, and the new version of Blesta 3 has been kept hidden so that the release will gain the most enthusiasm and support when it is unveiled. Blesta 3 is potentially one of the most impressive billing system software programs to hit the market in a long time. The Blesta 3 billing system is threatening to shake up some of the major industry leaders, WHMCS and ClientExec.

Although we did find out a few of the new features, Blesta 3 is still going to be a big surprise. One of the new features offered on the billing system software is an easily changeable design that fits in to your needs with just the click of a button. WHMCS and ClientExec are going to have a hard time keeping up if they don’t come out with a product that has similar features to this version of Blesta. You no longer have to spend countless hours programming the software, you can simply select a few options and the interface will be customized so that it will lead to the most productivity for your business.

Blesta 3 One Time Token A Sneak Peak at Blesta 3

Another rumor is that the new form of Blesta will support multiple forms of currency, and this is another aspect that will set it apart from WHMCS and ClientExec. This is a rumor that is circulating about the program, so please don’t accept it as fact, but it is interesting to think that a billing system will be able to use multiple forms of currency. The upgrade to Blesta 3 will be available to any of the Blesta 2 users for initial beta testing, and this is uncommon for Blesta to do. They added this new feature to make it easier for their existing clients to upgrade and use the more advanced version of their products, while new users can go through licensing Blesta to obtain the best features on the market.

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4 Comments (Comments now closed)

Woohoo! Blesta 3 – Amazing picture of something that we really didn’t need to see. I would suggest if its a “sneak peak” that Blesta provides something better than some blue page, with a box in it.

Posted by Molly Zeebug - September 7th, 2011 @ 5:45 PM

I would have to agree with Molly. Blesta 3 really hasn’t shown us anything there. When will they be sharing more info with us?

Posted by Jessica Tang - September 9th, 2011 @ 12:21 PM

hehe. I had a preview of it last week (from a friend of mine that works there). I really like how it handles multiple currencies… like if you have say USD it goes only thru the selected gateways that has been setup for USD, and like that for other currencies.

Posted by BangMEhard - September 10th, 2011 @ 2:22 AM

@BangMEhard – Really? There is like only two guys that work there from what I think? is he one of them? Blesta3 is gonna be sweet.

Posted by Jamie - September 12th, 2011 @ 12:50 AM