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Three Features that Set the Plesk Panel Apart

Control panel users have a number of different options available, and with so many software programs on the market, it can be challenging to choose the one that will benefit your hosting, web design, or web development business the most. The Parallels Plesk control panel is one of the most popular software programs on the market because it is versatile, scalable, and dynamic. There are a few distinct reasons that Plesk is more popular than its competitors, and with a Plesk license, you will be able to fully benefit from their upgrades and industry advancements.

plesk adsense Three Features that Set the Plesk Panel Apart

Easy to Use: The Plesk control panel is very simple to understand, and even novice users can begin using the control panel program right out of the box. The interface is very intuitive so end users and administrators will be able to easily navigate the software. The rich array of features and the easily customizable options also make Parallels Plesk the best choice on the market.

Profitable: The Partner Storefront is a new invention for Plesk, and this feature allows hosting providers to increase their profits by joining forces with Plesk to add a small business panel to their website. The storefront allows you to monetize customers by offering web-based applications that are already configured and do not require additional development. You can simply select your favorite applications, notify Plesk of your selections, send them a logo design, and watch a short webinar to get acquainted with the process. After that, Plesk does all the work!

Complete: A Parallels Plesk license will not only allow you to use the premium control panel, but you will also have access to an amazing SiteBuilder and a dynamic billing system. Plesk Billing and Plesk SiteBuilder are two of the features of the premium Plesk license, and with these elements, you will be able to skyrocket your business’s success!

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Plesk Announces IPv6 Support and Improved SSL

Licensing Parallels Plesk offers comprehensive virtualization and automation software that allows you to comprehensively control and manage your web hosting, web design, or web development business. It appears that Plesk has beaten its competitors to the draw by offering its control panel in IPv4, IPv6, or double stack, which supports both IP addressing functions. This is the first program to offer both IPv6 and SSL support. The Plesk release is aimed at lowering the concern shown by hosting providers at the immediate shortage of the IPv4 address space.

The latest release of Plesk has many other improvements including SSL support that allows hosting providers to give customers multiple SSLs on a single IP address. This SSL support cuts down on IP space requirements. Traditionally with a Plesk license, hosting providers had to assign IP space to enable SSL certificates for their clients, and the innovative SSL support measures are a leap in the right direction for web hosting companies. Many hosting administrators have requested that something like this be created to make providing their clients with heightened security much easier.

IPv6 Plesk Plesk Announces IPv6 Support and Improved SSL

The SSL support is compatible with both IPv6 and IPv4, and since there has been a recent shortage in IPv4 addresses, this shows that Plesk is above the mark in providing the best services to their clients. A Parallels Plesk license will also allow you to use the IPv4 and IPv6 on Linux or Windows servers so you won’t have to use different software programs to work on both servers. You will also be reducing your virtual footprint with the Plesk software, as it is uses much fewer resources than its competitors.

Plesk is now producing software that can optimize resource usage, offer SSL support, and provide comprehensive access to IPv6 and IPv4 addresses for the optimal web hosting experience. The improvements to Plesk are a testament to the innovation of the company and their dedication to customer satisfaction and exceeding industry standards, and a Plesk license is one of the less expensive alternatives to managing a control panel.

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Plesk – The Perfect Control Panel Alternative to cPanel

Plesk is an excellent choice for a control panel, and it is the leading competitor of cPanel. There are many reasons that someone might want to choose Plesk over cPanel although both programs offer you a feature-rich intuitive design that is very easy to navigate for anyone that uses your services. If you are looking for the characteristics that set Plesk apart from cPanel, then you will probably want to consider a few facts.

Licensing Plesk is less expensive than cPanel, and it is well worth the money. You can test out Plesk with a free demo before you commit to licensing the product. You can also license by month instead of buying an eternal license flat out. Plesk is a very stable program with a simple design and easily understood terms. Licensing Plesk will give you the option to get straight to the point and conserve the most amount of resources on your system.

Plesk License Tools and Util Plesk – The Perfect Control Panel Alternative to cPanel

Many people find Plesk easier to use and navigate, and Plesk is equipped with a number of great add-ons and plug-ins for your control panel. You can explore the many exciting, innovative options for upgrading your control panel, although Plesk is equipped with so many standard, out-of-the box features that you may not have to upgrade anything.

Plesk is great for people that want less clutter on their control panel interface because it has a clean, organized design. You can get your Plesk control panel up and running in a very short time so that you can set up your database, mailboxes, and web users. After you have added all of this information, you are finished, but you may choose to add some optional customizations to make sure that the system is completely integrated to fit your needs. For one of the most brilliant, all-inclusive software programs on the market for your control panel, Plesk will fit every need and surpass your experience with cPanel.

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Virtuozzo Allows You to Start Your Own VPS Hosting Business

By licensing Virtuozzo, you will be able to get in on the web hosting game and start selling Plesk VPS servers. After you purchase a Virtuozzo license, you will be able to setup containers for your Plesk VPS accounts, and install complex virtualization for your server quickly and easily. Nothing is hotter than a VPS server in the Internet market today, and Plesk control panels are the best choice for managing and optimizing your containers and servers. With a Plesk license, you can set up a VPS server that has the functionality of a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost.

To jump into the virtual private server market with Virtuozzo, you will need to obtain a Plesk license and a Virtuozzo license. The great thing about using these products together is that they integrate effortlessly and are designed to provide the most comprehensive server management opportunities. With Virtuozzo containers, you can create several isolated containers on each server so that you will be able to easily share hardware, licenses, and other information between users.  Virtuozzo paired with Plesk has been shown to increase the productivity and efficiency of any web hosting company that operates off of a VPS server. Virtualization is made simple with the Plesk and Virtuozzo software programs. Together, they are an unstoppable force for web hosting companies.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Virtuozzo Allows You to Start Your Own VPS Hosting Business

With a Virtuozzo license and a Plesk license, you will be able to fully secure your virtual servers and configure a control panel that will give your potential customers the best options for starting their own site and monitoring the growth of your own business. With Virtuozzo containers, you will be able to effectively manage your VPS so that they will yield you the most productive results and allow you to give your customers the widest selection of features and applications of any automation software program.

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cPanel + Ksplice = An Extremely Secure System

It is no secret that the cPanel control panel software program is one of the most popular platforms currently available in the hosting market. cPanel offers administrators the ability to take their tasks from manual to fully automated with just a few simple steps. Another great addition to the cPanel program is to license Ksplice for server updates and to protect against brute force attacks. Ksplice is a program that allows you to update your servers as needed without reboot so that you can maximize your uptime and provide the most optimal server performance to your customers.

reboots required cPanel + Ksplice = An Extremely Secure System

Ksplice and cPanel are two of the most innovative programs on the market for server management and optimizing your virtual environment. You may need to systematically install updates to your server, and if this is the case, you need a program that can apply patches with no reboot so that you do not have to worry that your server will be down for maintenance and your websites will go offline during the update process. Ksplice streamlines the process and allows you to automatically apply update patches whenever you need them directly from your cPanel control panel. Brute force attacks are minimized with the revolutionary technology harnessed by Ksplice to allow full system updates.

While cPanel is extremely secure by itself with excellent brute force protection, password protected directories, and many other necessary security features and facets, there is one thing that cPanel misses when it comes to updates. Being able to apply an update with no reboot can be easily accomplished on cPanel with the Ksplice software, and you can optimize your control panel with just a few simple procedures and the most highly developed software programs on the market.

Ksplice provides a high available patching option without reboot for almost every Linux distribution currently on the market. Ksplice’s mission is aimed at critical servers where downtime is simply not an option. If you are a web hosting provider that wants to ensure a smooth continuation of your business and income stream so that your customers will feel more comfortable using your sites since they are protected from brute force attacks, then Ksplice will update your server with no reboot as frequently as you need on your cPanel control panel.

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DirectAdmin – Full DNS Management the easy way…

DirectAdmin has a full scale DNS management system available to control all of the domains in your hosting environment. With DirectAdmin, you can benefit from the excellent features that allow for customization and automation as well as take advantage of advanced DNS management technology. A DirectAdmin license is also much less expensive to lease on a monthly basis than some of the other more popular control panel programs. With a DirectAdmin license, you will get the security, freedom, speed, and support that you need to fully manage your control panel with very little direct effort.

DirectAdmin DNS Servers DirectAdmin – Full DNS Management the easy way...

A control panel license can be beneficial to you for a number of reasons. As most hosting provider or other web professionals know, it can be very difficult to manage all of the domains on a server without the help of support and management software like DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin takes an intuitive approach with their easy to understand features and their fully adaptable API functions. You can add and remove records, change mix setting, and set anything else that you may need with the control panel DirectAdmin license.

By licensing DirectAdmin, you can acquire a control panel license cost-effectively so that you can get back to your life and manage your systems more efficiently. The beauty of DirectAdmin is that so many features allow for automation. The DNS administration has even been automated. Now you can create, modify, or delete any DNS record on the server automatically. You can also use the DirectAdmin statistics page with a complete overview of recorded usage data. A DirectAdmin license will take your business to the next level, and as it is one of the least expensive ways to acquire a control panel license, you can take advantage of all the features on DirectAdmin without breaking your budget.

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