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Using Plesk to get the Most out of Your Control Panels

Plesk can give your virtual environment the edge it needs to excel in the marketplace and offer the most all-inclusive services to customers. If you need a control panel that gives you the most features, applications, scripts, and options, then Plesk is the best choice! It is a revolutionary control panel. If you want to really step up the products and services that you offer your clients, you can purchase an Unlimited Plesk License, and this will not only give you access to the control panel, but also the Plesk SiteBuilder and Plesk Billing system. It doesn’t get much better than being able to fully integrate your control panel with everything that you need to fully automate your hosting or web development business.

Parallels Plesk Panel Using Plesk to get the Most out of Your Control Panels

In addition, Plesk offers multiple administrative tools for you to take advantage of. You can try the complete module configuration manager and full DNS control as well as complete PHP and MySQL integration. Parallels Plesk is an exciting software program with a myriad of systematic upgrades that has made it not only amazing for functionality and usability, but also for security and server health. Plesk’s security is one of the best on the market, and you can provide your clients with the most comprehensive support system on the market by licensing a Plesk control panel.

One way that Plesk uniquely secures your system is with an automated health monitoring system that operates exclusively off of your Plesk control panel. It will systematically check your server and domains for any sign of threats or malicious users attempting to infiltrate your system. Once it detects a conflict, the Plesk control panel will automatically correct itself so that you do not have to have direct oversight over system maintenance. With a Plesk control panel, you will have all of the resources that you need to actively manage your account and let the excellent automation tools do the rest of the work for you.

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Plesk Control Panel – All the Web Hosting Tools In One Place

Licensing Plesk is the first step to completely automating many of your daily tasks and efficiently managing your server and web hosting business. The Plesk control panel has been systematically upgraded with the newest and most advanced features that will give users the ability to get more out of their hosting experience. Administrators are given special privileges to completely customize the site as they see fit with a Plesk control panel license so that they can optimize and secure their servers and make their business more productive.

A control panel not only gives administrators the ability to adequately secure the server, it also offers the capability to enhance your hosting business with an array of exciting features and applications that are unique to Plesk. With a Plesk license, you will be able to expand and grow your business with flexible options and scalable resources. Finding a good control panel is key to your ongoing success, and that’s why you need to look into purchasing a Plesk license.

plesk control panel1 Plesk Control Panel – All the Web Hosting Tools In One Place

Licensing Plesk will give you the ability to upgrade in a snap and provide feature-rich content to your customers. In addition, Plesk is one of the leading software programs in terms of support, tutorials, and learning programs that can get you familiar with the program and help you learn the different functions. Plesk from Parallels offers a myriad of tools for your sites such as database and DNS management and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. With a Plesk control panel, you will have everything covered with this one unique program.

With a Plesk control panel license, you will be able to migrate your current hosting information seamlessly from most existing control panels. You will also be able to take advantage of the innovative health monitoring system and many of the out-of-the-box security features with a Plesk control panel license. The Plesk control panel offers you the pinnacle of optimization, security, and support for all of your web hosting needs.

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Reasons to Choose Plesk over cPanel

A Plesk control panel will offer you all of the features and tools that are necessary to customizing and optimizing your virtual environment. Plesk and cPanel are the most notable control panels on the market, but Plesk outshines cPanel in a few distinct categories. Plesk can work on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and the Plesk control panel is versatile enough that you will be able to operate different servers on the same platform.

Another great feature to licensing the Plesk control panel is its price in comparison with cPanel. You will get all of the comprehensive features that you need without having to pay additional costs. The Plesk Migration Manager will allow user information to be easily imported from one control panel to another. The Plesk Migration Manager is particularly useful if you want to migrate your information from one control panel to another, for example, from cPanel to Plesk.

CD Mastering Checklist1 Reasons to Choose Plesk over cPanel

The Plesk interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate so even users without a lot of experience will be able to use the program. The interface on the Plesk control panel is less cluttered than the cPanel alternative, and the overall design is much better for administrators and end users to operate. If you have international clients, you will be able to provide a more comprehensive approach to translation of your content with the Plesk multi-language support system.

Plesk has taken a more significant step to ensure that their control panels are integrated seamlessly from language to language. Professional translators go over the content on a control panel to ensure that every word is translated and that the grammar and punctuation is impeccable. For global growth and expansion, Plesk is definitely the best choice for a control panel.

The Plesk software program is the most advanced on the market, and you will be pleasantly surprised with all of the exciting features and applications that can be installed on your control panel.

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The Flexibility of Modular Control Panels

cPanel and Plesk are two companies that provide software programs that create control panels for easy management and system integration. Hosting control panels can be complex because of all of the different elements that you must learn and configure. Some people refer to control panels as “Black Magic” because the technologies are so intricate and advanced that it may be difficult to process and seem magical in nature. Some control panels are modular like cPanel while others like Plesk require you to update the program only through the company.

Parallels cPanel Logo1 The Flexibility of Modular Control Panels

To find a modular program that will allow you maximum flexibility, you will have to assess which program can give you the benefits that you need. If you want an open source upgrade that requires only a few simple commands to complete, cPanel may be the best option for you. If you would rather update control panels through the main company, then Plesk is a great option. You can install updates on cPanel before the technologies have even been officially released.

If you are trying to determine which control panel will best suit your needs, you can compare the flexibility of cPanel and Plesk to determine if you need a more modular, open-sourced cPanel platform or if the powerful software offered by Plesk is more suited for your business.

For flexibility, licensing cPanel is most likely the best option since the updates are installed instantly to the server as soon as they become available. Plesk is an alternative to cPanel that does not offer the same flexibility in a modular sense, but it is still an effective tool to create control panels to manage and integrate your systems. cPanel offers an intuitive control panel that is able to be updated regularly, while the Plesk alternative will require you to get all upgrades directly from the company.

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Plesk and Enkompass Windows Control Panels

Obtaining control panels for Windows can make managing your everyday tasks much easier and less time consuming. There are a number of control panels to consider if you need to operate them on Windows. Plesk is one of the foremost developers of integrated, all-inclusive management software geared toward developing control panels that an administrator can customize with specific features and applications to make the virtual experience more complete.

Plesk Control Panel1 Plesk and Enkompass Windows Control Panels

In addition to Plesk, Enkompass can also provide you with all of the tools that you need to operate control panels for Windows. Both Plesk and Enkompass are user-friendly and have an intuitive GUI interface that makes creating websites and managing billing systems simple with control panels. Plesk and Enkompass will give you all the tools that you need to create administrator control panels and provide an array of different features and applications to your customers. Using advanced control panels can help attract new business and generate a new client base.

Enkompass Control Panel Plesk and Enkompass Windows Control Panels

Enkompass is a cPanel creation that is designed specifically for web hosting on Windows. Many of the features on this program are richly created and well-designed to save you time and money when developing a web hosting business. You can also migrate from other control panels to Enkompass. If you are interested in licensing Enkompass but you want to test the features out first, you can apply for a thirty-day test license. Some of the attributes to the Enkompass software are flexibility, high performance, consistency, and scalability on control panels for Windows.

Plesk offers similar features and an intuitive interface that is easy to manage for administrators and easy to access for end users. Plesk has designed a well-rounded program that is compatible with Windows and allows you to grow and expand your business by eliminating menial daily tasks with their automation software and intuitive control panels. For Windows, both Plesk and Enkompass are good additions to any web hosting company, and you should learn as much as you can about both companies to see which will be the best fit for your hosting business.

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Software Developers Are Turning to the SaaS Model

When it comes to software for hosting and reselling, the current market traditionally relies on selling licenses with set terms.  This is by far the most popular business model, but as more and more companies are offering subscription based options that generate more revenue, the market as a whole is shifting towards an SaaS or subscription as a service business model.  Plesk, cPanel, and many of the other major names in hosting software are already offering this as an option, and it is proving to be a major revenue generator.

Software As A Service Software Developers Are Turning to the SaaS Model

When someone is first considering hosting or reselling, they want to know that they can generate results and revenue before committing to a long term license.  Trial licenses can be effective for this, but as ClientExec, WHMCS, and others are learning, the subscription as a service business model is simply more effective, offering the option to pay for the rights to use the software monthly rather than requiring that customers make a long term commitment.  Monthly prices often generate higher overall revenue over the same amount of time as a traditional license while giving the consumers more control over whether they keep software that they may not like.

Hosting licenses are starting to be phased out, at least in the way we think of them now, and subscription based hosted licenses for online software seems to be the market trend that we will see the most of in the years to come.  The needs of consumers are always changing, and it is the role of software developers to ensure that programs such as Plesk and cPanel are keeping up with these needs.  Subscription as a service licensing makes things easier for consumers and more profitable for software sellers, providing benefit to all involved that certainly increases the chances of this becoming a permanent trend.

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