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Plesk Panel 10 – Expanded Functionality with a Power-User Mode

The new Plesk Panel 10 gives you the most advanced Plesk technology and a myriad of new features that you can use for your control panels. The Plesk control panel has been fantastically designed so that you can speed up your VPS or Dedicated Server and preserve your memory storage space. By licensing the latest version of Plesk, you will be able to make your servers run faster and more efficiently.

You will also reduce the footprint of your resources, and this can give you more resources for the traffic to your site. The new features are really exceptional, and will give you the best control panel experience. Plesk is the most popular control panel in European countries, and that is because of the innovative, user-friendly design, the ease of integration and automation, the developer friendly platform, and the broad capacity to expand your control panel features with applications and scripts.

Plesk Control Panel Plesk 10 Plesk Panel 10   Expanded Functionality with a Power User Mode

One of the newest and most advanced features on the Plesk control panel is the power-user mode, and it enables you to speed up your servers to control and manage them more efficiently whether you use a VPS or Dedicated server. If you are looking for a feature-rich software program that will harness the power of your servers and give you an automated way to manage account creation, then the Plesk control panel is one of the best products on the market to meet your needs.

Additionally, Plesk features a sound server health monitoring system that automatically scans the system to detect any glitches or malfunctions. The Plesk health monitoring system is so advanced that you will be able to take a more hands-off approach to control panel security since the system will troubleshoot and resolve conflicts without direct oversight from an administrator. Licensing Plesk will give you the ability to completely customize your control panel and manage your business more effectively.

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Plesk Billing – Is It The Right Billing System For You?

When talking about Plesk Billing, three words come to mind; flexible, powerful and customizable. Whether you are a designer, developer or in the web hosting industry, Plesk Billing can be customized to handle any environment. Let’s go through some features that make Plesk Billing shine.

Plesk Billing does not down size when it comes to modules; in fact, they support one of the largest selections of modules. Whether you need a payment gateway such as PayPal or domain registration services, the selection is wide. If you’d prefer to build your own to fit your specific requirements, Plesk Billing has a built in API that will allow you to do just that.

Parallels Plesk Billing Manager Plesk Billing   Is It The Right Billing System For You?

For those of you who are fans of Plesk Panel, you are going to love Plesk Billing. Much like the design of Plesk Panel, Plesk Billing will make it easy for you to navigate. Even if you are not a current Plesk user, you will find that the design makes finding what you are looking for very easy.

Having a business doesn’t mean you have to manage hundreds of accounts daily. Let Plesk Billing take over! This billing system not only manages all of your payments, but will also provide important information about your customers, such as detailed invoices and custom reports.

Plesk Billing allows you to customize virtually any feature. If you have special requirement in how you want to bill your customers, Plesk Billing will allow you to do this. You can design around what your business needs, rather than having to design your business around your billing system.

If you are looking for a versatile billing system that fits into almost any environment, Plesk Billing may just be the billing system you need.

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