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cPanel + Ksplice = An Extremely Secure System

It is no secret that the cPanel control panel software program is one of the most popular platforms currently available in the hosting market. cPanel offers administrators the ability to take their tasks from manual to fully automated with just a few simple steps. Another great addition to the cPanel program is to license Ksplice for server updates and to protect against brute force attacks. Ksplice is a program that allows you to update your servers as needed without reboot so that you can maximize your uptime and provide the most optimal server performance to your customers.

reboots required cPanel + Ksplice = An Extremely Secure System

Ksplice and cPanel are two of the most innovative programs on the market for server management and optimizing your virtual environment. You may need to systematically install updates to your server, and if this is the case, you need a program that can apply patches with no reboot so that you do not have to worry that your server will be down for maintenance and your websites will go offline during the update process. Ksplice streamlines the process and allows you to automatically apply update patches whenever you need them directly from your cPanel control panel. Brute force attacks are minimized with the revolutionary technology harnessed by Ksplice to allow full system updates.

While cPanel is extremely secure by itself with excellent brute force protection, password protected directories, and many other necessary security features and facets, there is one thing that cPanel misses when it comes to updates. Being able to apply an update with no reboot can be easily accomplished on cPanel with the Ksplice software, and you can optimize your control panel with just a few simple procedures and the most highly developed software programs on the market.

Ksplice provides a high available patching option without reboot for almost every Linux distribution currently on the market. Ksplice’s mission is aimed at critical servers where downtime is simply not an option. If you are a web hosting provider that wants to ensure a smooth continuation of your business and income stream so that your customers will feel more comfortable using your sites since they are protected from brute force attacks, then Ksplice will update your server with no reboot as frequently as you need on your cPanel control panel.

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Customize Your Control Panel and Boost Your Reseller Income

Resellers have a lot of unique considerations to think about when designing a productive business model. You must be able to set yourself apart from the competition so that you can prove that your service is worthwhile to your customers. cPanel can provide you will all the tools that you need to do just that. A lot of people have reservations about licensing products like cPanel from a reseller because they can tell that a third party mediator is making a profit from their sale. As a reseller, you must be able to provide comprehensive services to your clients to show how useful and necessary your services really are for your customers.

cPanel is critical for branding your business and making it distinguishable from the other providers on the Internet that offer similar services. You can use RVSkin with cPanel to customize your interface and make it more attractive and intuitive for your end users. Since the interface is the first point of contact with any new customer, it needs to be excellently designed and portray accurately and forcefully the message of your business. Customizing cPanel is not difficult with RVSkin and other add-ons that will give you a much-needed edge against your competition.

hostgator cpanel theme1 Customize Your Control Panel and Boost Your Reseller Income

In addition to your cPanel interface equipped with themes from RVSkin, you should also make sure that you improve different aspects of your website by customizing cPanel to reflect the dedication of your staff and the flexibility of your services. If you want to provide your clients with how-to guides, video tutorials, and instructional information, this will increase confidence in your business and make potential clients more likely to use your services.

For customizing cPanel, there are so many options from RVSkin to Fantastico, and the more that you offer your clients, the more successful your business will be in the long run. Licensing cPanel will allow you to build a brand new site or revitalize your existing one and offer customized, marketable services to your clients.

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The Benefits of Buying Hosting Licenses from a License Reseller

If you are looking to purchase a hosting license, you probably are wondering where the best place to buy is. Most people probably think of buying through the software makers, but often, this is the most expensive and cumbersome way to purchase licenses. Software developers are not geared to work directly with end users, so this is why a cPanel direct license may cost $200 from a software company whereas you may be able to find a cPanel direct license from a license reseller for $20 or less. This is a fraction of the price that you will pay with a software company, so it is really best to explore all of your options before making a purchase.

LC logo The Benefits of Buying Hosting Licenses from a License Reseller

Many people think that if they don’t buy through the software company, then they will not be able to utilize the full benefits of the software. This is simply not true. Reselling companies that carry cPanel direct licenses will help you make the most economical choices for purchasing your software, and they will also provide you with helpful support tools in the event that you encounter issues when getting the system up and running. The nice thing about buying cPanel direct licenses from a reseller is that they are equipped with all the knowledge and expertise to help you get the program up and running as quickly as possible, and in some cases, the customer service from a reseller will be much better than if you buy cPanel direct from a software company.

cloud hosting diagram1 The Benefits of Buying Hosting Licenses from a License Reseller

Another great thing about buying from a reseller is that you will be able to instantly activate your software programs so that you can begin using them as soon as possible. With a license reseller, you can find competitive pricing, excellent customer support, instant license activation, multiple license discounts, and so much more. It is really best to explore the option of purchasing a cPanel direct license from a reseller because you are sure to get a better deal and more customer-oriented support than you would through the software company itself.

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Reasons to Choose Plesk over cPanel

A Plesk control panel will offer you all of the features and tools that are necessary to customizing and optimizing your virtual environment. Plesk and cPanel are the most notable control panels on the market, but Plesk outshines cPanel in a few distinct categories. Plesk can work on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and the Plesk control panel is versatile enough that you will be able to operate different servers on the same platform.

Another great feature to licensing the Plesk control panel is its price in comparison with cPanel. You will get all of the comprehensive features that you need without having to pay additional costs. The Plesk Migration Manager will allow user information to be easily imported from one control panel to another. The Plesk Migration Manager is particularly useful if you want to migrate your information from one control panel to another, for example, from cPanel to Plesk.

CD Mastering Checklist1 Reasons to Choose Plesk over cPanel

The Plesk interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate so even users without a lot of experience will be able to use the program. The interface on the Plesk control panel is less cluttered than the cPanel alternative, and the overall design is much better for administrators and end users to operate. If you have international clients, you will be able to provide a more comprehensive approach to translation of your content with the Plesk multi-language support system.

Plesk has taken a more significant step to ensure that their control panels are integrated seamlessly from language to language. Professional translators go over the content on a control panel to ensure that every word is translated and that the grammar and punctuation is impeccable. For global growth and expansion, Plesk is definitely the best choice for a control panel.

The Plesk software program is the most advanced on the market, and you will be pleasantly surprised with all of the exciting features and applications that can be installed on your control panel.

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A Brief Guide to Selecting the Best Web Hosting Tools

Software programs are being developed to provide the best solutions to web hosting providers that need a way to streamline their business operations and automate billing, account creation, and other tasks. Programs like cPanel and ClientExec are making the search for the best web hosting tools much easier since they both offer comprehensive billing, security, and account management services all designed with usability and functionality in mind.

There are many hosting tools that web hosting providers use for their business, so if you are in the market for a software program to help manage your tasks, you may have a few reasonable questions. How can you pick the right one for your business? Is one better than the other? What are the differences in pricing and features? Hosting Tools break down into multiple categories: control panels, billing systems, affiliate programs, and custom applications.

Man Wrench A Brief Guide to Selecting the Best Web Hosting Tools

To choose the best product for your business, you will want to look at Web Hosting Tools such as cPanel to automate your hosting business. With cPanel and ClientExec, you don’t have to create your own control panel, but you can customize it to fit in with your business model. If you don’t want to run off a command line anymore, then ClientExec and cPanel will provide you with the Web Hosting Tools you need to automate many essential tasks that may tie up your time and resources. cPanel and ClientExec provide excellent features for your hosting business, and many of them even have API capabilities to send your business or site to the next level.

Some of the best Web Hosting Tools on the market are those that can be specifically designed to flow seamlessly with your current website, and both ClientExec and cPanel have the capability to be formatted to match your existing design and style.

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The Flexibility of Modular Control Panels

cPanel and Plesk are two companies that provide software programs that create control panels for easy management and system integration. Hosting control panels can be complex because of all of the different elements that you must learn and configure. Some people refer to control panels as “Black Magic” because the technologies are so intricate and advanced that it may be difficult to process and seem magical in nature. Some control panels are modular like cPanel while others like Plesk require you to update the program only through the company.

Parallels cPanel Logo1 The Flexibility of Modular Control Panels

To find a modular program that will allow you maximum flexibility, you will have to assess which program can give you the benefits that you need. If you want an open source upgrade that requires only a few simple commands to complete, cPanel may be the best option for you. If you would rather update control panels through the main company, then Plesk is a great option. You can install updates on cPanel before the technologies have even been officially released.

If you are trying to determine which control panel will best suit your needs, you can compare the flexibility of cPanel and Plesk to determine if you need a more modular, open-sourced cPanel platform or if the powerful software offered by Plesk is more suited for your business.

For flexibility, licensing cPanel is most likely the best option since the updates are installed instantly to the server as soon as they become available. Plesk is an alternative to cPanel that does not offer the same flexibility in a modular sense, but it is still an effective tool to create control panels to manage and integrate your systems. cPanel offers an intuitive control panel that is able to be updated regularly, while the Plesk alternative will require you to get all upgrades directly from the company.

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