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Customize Your Control Panel and Boost Your Reseller Income

Resellers have a lot of unique considerations to think about when designing a productive business model. You must be able to set yourself apart from the competition so that you can prove that your service is worthwhile to your customers. cPanel can provide you will all the tools that you need to do just that. A lot of people have reservations about licensing products like cPanel from a reseller because they can tell that a third party mediator is making a profit from their sale. As a reseller, you must be able to provide comprehensive services to your clients to show how useful and necessary your services really are for your customers.

cPanel is critical for branding your business and making it distinguishable from the other providers on the Internet that offer similar services. You can use RVSkin with cPanel to customize your interface and make it more attractive and intuitive for your end users. Since the interface is the first point of contact with any new customer, it needs to be excellently designed and portray accurately and forcefully the message of your business. Customizing cPanel is not difficult with RVSkin and other add-ons that will give you a much-needed edge against your competition.

hostgator cpanel theme1 Customize Your Control Panel and Boost Your Reseller Income

In addition to your cPanel interface equipped with themes from RVSkin, you should also make sure that you improve different aspects of your website by customizing cPanel to reflect the dedication of your staff and the flexibility of your services. If you want to provide your clients with how-to guides, video tutorials, and instructional information, this will increase confidence in your business and make potential clients more likely to use your services.

For customizing cPanel, there are so many options from RVSkin to Fantastico, and the more that you offer your clients, the more successful your business will be in the long run. Licensing cPanel will allow you to build a brand new site or revitalize your existing one and offer customized, marketable services to your clients.

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