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The Features and Benefits of Plesk

While cPanel may be the most easily recognized control panel on the market, it is not necessarily the right choice for every web hosting provider or reseller.  Plesk, offered by Parallels, is another fantastic option and one that is well worth considering.  It has a cheaper bottom line than cPanel, which certainly increases its appeal, and it also has a very clean interface that many users find much simpler to figure out than cPanel and some of the other big name control panels on the market.  It operates cleanly from within both the Windows and Linux environments and is perhaps the most stable control panel on the market, all things worth considering.

plesk logo1 The Features and Benefits of Plesk

Plesk also integrates incredibly easily with WHMCS, which allows customers to easily promote their hosting services while relying on WHMCS to provide the bulk of the hard work and eliminating the need for manual provisioning.  Plesk also provides the ability to easily and seamlessly move accounts from other control panels and supports a wide range of different languages, which makes it ideal for companies that service multiple countries.  Security is provided through HTTPS, which is also a major plus for Plesk, especially for businesses who intend to make use of the Plesk Billing Software.

Parallels Plesk Screenshot1 The Features and Benefits of Plesk

Plesk really does have a lot to offer.  Whether or not it is the right control panel software for you is something you will have to decide, but it is certainly quite beneficial in many ways.  With an unlimited license, it even includes billing software and a sitebuilder, as well as the ability to install Softaculous for simple installation of scripts.  The bottom line is that for many Plesk is an ideal option, especially when integrated with WHMCS, and it is certainly something that most hosting providers and resellers will want to take the time to consider.

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The Difference Between Updates and Upgrades

When looking online to learn more about certain software and features, you will find that people seem to use the terms update and upgrade interchangeably.  Yet the truth of the matter is that they two terms are incredibly different.  When it comes to your operating system or control panel, knowing the difference between updates and upgrades is key.  You will also want to know whether upgrades are necessary depending on the version of your software or operating system, and here we will take a better look at both terms.

upgrade vs update The Difference Between Updates and Upgrades


Updates are offered frequently by both operating system manufacturers and control panel makers.  These updates are usually small downloads that will add new features, improve security, or patch over a potential flaw in a program’s code.  Updating is absolutely essential and whether you are considering cPanel, Plesk, Linux, or ClientExec, you will find that it is generally best to download updates as soon as they become available.  This will help prevent any potential security concerns and ensure that you are always offering the top options available from within any of these programs.  The bottom line is that in reality, updates are absolutely essential.


Upgrades are slightly more optional, though still very worth your consideration.  An upgrade is an entirely new version of a program.  Upgrades are considerably more time consuming and can mean that you will need to reinstall everything that goes on top of them.  This can be easily accomplished by creating backups of your control panel or website in many cases, but you will find that an upgrade can take you offline.  Because of this, they are often recommended to be performed during scheduled maintenance and you will want to consider whether the new features and options are worth the added cost of buying a new version of the same program.

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Choosing an E-Commerce Shopping Cart Simplified

When your business success hinges on your ability to easily make sales over the web, you need an e-commerce shopping cart that meets all of your needs and requirements.  With so many options in the market today, it seems almost harder to choose the right company than when there were few choices, and knowing where to start can be a headache in and of itself.  Do you look for the company with the longest history, the one with the most templates and features, or the one with an open source design so that you can install any added features that you need?

Finding the right online cart is certainly frustrating.  Miva Merchant is currently one of the best options on the market.  You will find that the first place to start when you are looking to integrate an e-commerce cart into your website is definitely going to be features, and Miva is packed with them.  Better still, the Miva online cart can be easily customized to fit virtually any type of online business, whether you offer physical goods, digital audio files, or drop shipping.  This flexibility offers you major power when it comes to your e-commerce cart.

Miva Merchant Screenshot Choosing an E Commerce Shopping Cart Simplified

Miva Merchant provides real time shipping rates, data import and export, merchandising, and more.  It is also Internet marketing ready right out of the box.  This e-commerce cart provides top level security and accepts major credit cards and can even calculate sales tax.  In house support ensures that any questions or issues are easily resolved by experts who know exactly what you want and need, and the level of customization and flexibility is virtually unmatched.  With a high popularity rating and excellent market history, Miva is one of the most obvious choices, providing everything online sellers are looking for to achieve success in virtually any market.

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Plesk Billing – Is It The Right Billing System For You?

When talking about Plesk Billing, three words come to mind; flexible, powerful and customizable. Whether you are a designer, developer or in the web hosting industry, Plesk Billing can be customized to handle any environment. Let’s go through some features that make Plesk Billing shine.

Plesk Billing does not down size when it comes to modules; in fact, they support one of the largest selections of modules. Whether you need a payment gateway such as PayPal or domain registration services, the selection is wide. If you’d prefer to build your own to fit your specific requirements, Plesk Billing has a built in API that will allow you to do just that.

Parallels Plesk Billing Manager Plesk Billing   Is It The Right Billing System For You?

For those of you who are fans of Plesk Panel, you are going to love Plesk Billing. Much like the design of Plesk Panel, Plesk Billing will make it easy for you to navigate. Even if you are not a current Plesk user, you will find that the design makes finding what you are looking for very easy.

Having a business doesn’t mean you have to manage hundreds of accounts daily. Let Plesk Billing take over! This billing system not only manages all of your payments, but will also provide important information about your customers, such as detailed invoices and custom reports.

Plesk Billing allows you to customize virtually any feature. If you have special requirement in how you want to bill your customers, Plesk Billing will allow you to do this. You can design around what your business needs, rather than having to design your business around your billing system.

If you are looking for a versatile billing system that fits into almost any environment, Plesk Billing may just be the billing system you need.

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WHMAutoPilot – Set Your Billing Platform On Auto-Pilot

WHMAutoPilot does just as its name implies; it sets your online business on autopilot! With WHMAutoPilot, you will have minimal manual interactions to perform. You can set this billing system to manage everything from start to finish, which can be easily customized using an interface that is easily maneuvered.

One of the first things you’ll notice about WHMAutoPilot is the organized layout of the billing system’s interface. Even if you are a first time user, you will find that this billing system makes it easy to perform account modifications quickly and easily. Also, as an added bonus, there is no advanced coding necessary for the administrator when needing to change pricing and other varies features.

WHMAutoPilot Client Dashboard WHMAutoPilot   Set Your Billing Platform On Auto Pilot

From start to finish, you have the ability to fully automate your hosting environment which allows you to focus on other things and get more accomplished. No longer will you have to worry about invoicing correctly and making sure customers pay their bills on time; WHMAutoPilot will keep track of these for you!

It’s important to have the ability to integrate with a variety of different payment gateways. As a business owner you’ll agree; having the ability to support multiple payment methods makes it easier on your customers and on you. WHMAutoPilot allows you to do just that.

Whenever you are dealing with monetary transactions and customer data, security is top priority. With WHMAutoPilot, security is never an issue. They employ an innovative approach that makes financial data impossible to obtain using industry grade encryption for all credit cards used.

From creation and termination of accounts, automated billing with multiple payment gateways, advanced security, and clean interface, you can easily modify WHMAutoPilot to your specific requirements and set it on autopilot! With the features offered and a price like this, this billing system is a win-win!

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Billing Systems and eNom Accounts – What do they have in common?

While everyone who is involved in any web related business, understands that keeping track of your customers and billing them on time is essential. Many of our billing system license holders happen to be in the web hosting industry. Of which, a wide selection of customers wanted to start offering domain names, but without the cost of actually purchasing a eNom reseller account, which is to be frank, is expensive and not as easy as it seems.

Having understood the challenge that we faced, we started figuring out ways we could tackle this issue. After a few days of digging (which we will admit, there is a massive amount of different registrars and reseller features offered) we saw that again eNom had the best line up of price, tld support, and existing billing system integrations.

icon enom Billing Systems and eNom Accounts – What do they have in common?

Once we had decided on eNom as the registrar (after two or more hours of discussion), we embarked on a reading exercise which in itself was a grueling task one might say. Some more discussions ensued which we finally came up with a solution (yaay!)

A module that we could integrate into our billing system which would allow all of our customers (new and existing) the opportunity to obtain a free eNom account.  Not only is this a free eNom account, this will also be an automatic process so you don’t have to fill in a billion fields like you would otherwise have to at eNom.

When ordering a billing system, be it a Blesta license, WHMCS license, or any other sort of billing system within our lineup, you will now be offered a free eNom account with your purchase!  Again, we are very excited to be able to offer this service to you our customer.  We wish you the best in all of your endeavors.

Thanks again everyone for all the feedback, and keep them coming to

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