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ClientExec 4.1 – Refreshes its Client Facing Portal Design

The new release of ClientExec 4.1 has sparked a lot of interest and discussion, as people look at how the system has been improved and upgraded. An innovative, unique interface is at the heart of any modern billing system because it must provide customers with the ability to easily use and customize the features so that it will meet their needs. ClientExec has always had their clients’ interests in mind, and they understand that in order to be the industry leader, they must have a portal that integrates everything into one central location. They have done just that, and the end result is fantastic and powerful.

The later releases of ClientExec have shown a new dedication to innovation and an understanding of customer needs because they have upgraded their features and provided more comprehensive support for their customers. WHMCS, the most noteworthy rival of ClientExec, has had a central interface for quite some time so ClientExec has chosen to rapidly change the design and functionality of their interface so that they can compete.

ClientExec Interface Updates ClientExec 4.1   Refreshes its Client Facing Portal Design

One of the main reasons that ClientExec has redesigned their interface is because many people that switched from WHMCS to ClientExec requested a more central space to store all of their data and manage their billing system. Both the WHMCS and the ClientExec billing system lead the industry in terms of reseller hosting billing space, and this makes them hard to separate in terms of features and functionality. There are many similarities between WHMCS and ClientExec, and it seems that both companies are fighting to stay competitive in this rapidly changing marketplace.

The new release of ClientExec features a lot of new and exciting elements like security enhancement, customer support, better feedback modules, and many other items so if you want to experience the redesigned interface and the innovative features on the billing system software, then licensing ClientExec is the first step to getting your new billing system underway!

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WHMCS V4.5 Stable – Now Available!

WHMCS V4.5 has recently released its stable version, beating ClientExec to the draw with its latest release of their software! WHMCS V4.5 Beta is the culmination of weeks of testing, improving, and 4 months total of hard work to finally release the stable release.  This new release features improvements that were the most common cause of confusion and problems in the past.

The new version offers order form designs with ajax and is overall more visually appealing. Along with the ajax order forms, they added an ajax based shopping cart.  Also, javascript sliders have been added for product and quantity based selections, as well as the ability to highlight features, and automate comparison table products.

WHMCS billing system has also added many improvements to their invoicing, billing, domain management and much more.

btn download pdf WHMCS V4.5 Stable   Now Available!

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New Version Release: ClientExec 4.1 Available Now!

We know a lot of you have been anticipating ClientExec’s new version release for quite some time.  Well, it’s finally here! We’d like to give a huge thanks to the committed team of alpha and beta testing customers (some of which were ours)!  This first build is the apogee of several weeks of your hard work.

clientexec New Version Release: ClientExec 4.1 Available Now!

If you are interested in upgrading your current installation, you can find the release files in the Downloads section of your client area which will require an active support agreement. The upgrade process is quick and easy, much like any other ClientExec release; however, we do not have an incremental upgrade package available.If you experience any issues or just simply wish share your feedback on the 4.1 Release Candidate, please send us an e-mail to  We always love hearing from you and will be glad to take care of any issue you happen to run into.

Important: As with any upgrade, ensure that you take a full backup of your database before proceeding.

We hope you enjoy the new release!

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ClientExec 4.1 Release: May 20th 2011 (at the latest!)

While no official release dates have been confirmed yet, there have been rumors that the latest version of ClientExec 4.1 should be released by the middle of the month. According to speculation, ClientExec 4.1 is currently undergoing the testing process so that it can be released as quickly as possible to the public. Everyone is waiting to see how the ClientExec system will have changed with this upgrade. The developers have worked tirelessly to give ClientExec an even more intuitive interface and a stronger, more powerful feature set.

ClientExec is going to have a vast amount of new features such as integrated live chat, unified invoices, and many other features that have not yet been disclosed. The unified invoices are a really interesting upgrade because they allow you to merge multiple invoices into a single one, making the transaction process much simpler for both administrator and client. ClientExec is continually upgrading their software so that they can better meet the needs of their customers, but this ClientExec release is set to be the best ever.

ClientExec 4.1 Screenshot ClientExec 4.1 Release: May 20th 2011 (at the latest!)

Recently, ClientExec released the new software to an beta test group to make sure that there are no major bugs or errors that need to be fixed before it is released to the rest of the world. The interesting thing is that ClientExec is already running the new software on their system, but since they are aware that they may run into a few minor problems, they are allowing it to be tested thoroughly before most of their customers have access to it. Some of the feature upgrades that you can expect on the new ClientExec platform are stock control, powerful product handling, a few updates to the admin center, a team calendar function, and a redesigned front end. With all of the new features on ClientExec, they are taking a significant step in the right direction.

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Integrate Your Billing System with Your Affiliate Program Easily

Integration of your existing affiliate program no longer needs to be a complicated task. In the past, integration required many hours of programming and customization just to get the basic operations working. However, ClientExec and WHMCS have made this process much simpler so you can integrate your affiliate program easily with just a few simple steps. A ClientExec or WHMCS billing system platform will support quite a selection of affiliate programs right out of the box, and this lessens the need for complex integration procedures.

WHMCS Automation Integrate Your Billing System with Your Affiliate Program Easily

As a billing system, both ClientExec and WHMCS offer a vast number of out of the box features that are the pinnacle of automation and billing system security to your servers and your control panel. Both are equipped with an API feature that allows developers to create custom modules at will that can be applied directly to your existing billing system, and this can be extremely helpful in customizing your billing system preferences so that they can fully meet the needs of your business. ClientExec and WHMCS come out of the box with API and integration capabilities that allow you complete control over your billing system so that you can take full advantage of your time and streamline your daily activities so that you no longer have to spend countless hours crunching numbers or organizing data.

When it comes to affiliate system integration, there are no two better programs on the market than ClientExec and WHMCS. Even if you don’t currently use a pre-made affiliate system, it is very easy to utilize the built in support system that will ensure that whatever type of program that you use will work together seamlessly with the ClientExec and WHMCS API features. Out of the box, you will find that ClientExec and WHMCS meet all of your needs when it comes to affiliate program integration and billing system management.

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ClientExec – Advanced Knowledge Management Features

When it comes to ClientExec, you will find that it’s more than a billing system, it’s a total support center. ClientExec also has an integrated knowledgebase, which allows administrators to completely control what is displayed. Another interesting feature of the ClientExec knowledgebase is that administrators can allow their customers to make Knowledgebase posts themselves, and after the administrators have approved them, they will be posted directly on the site. You can also set up an area of the knowledgebase with staff-only or members-only articles. As a billing system, ClientExec has really stepped up the services that they offer their clients, and the KB can help you provide the valuable insight into your website that you need.

einstein ClientExec – Advanced Knowledge Management Features

A Knowledgebase can help you organize and manage the information that your clients seek so that you can provide them with articles about your business. In terms of customer support, there is nothing better than having a important information about various topics but it will also speed up reply times for your customers and give them the chance to troubleshoot their issue without contacting customer support. Providing your customers with articles to answer their questions can save your business additional expenses and free up your staff’s time so that they can handle more pressing concerns.

The ClientExec billing system is looking to simplify the lives of administrators while also providing a complete virtual environment so that you can streamline your tasks as much as possible. With ClientExec, you can take advantage of all of the interesting and exciting features that make it an excellent billing system, and now with the Knowledgebase, you can keep your customers informed around the clock by giving them targeted articles about the way that your site functions and things that they can do to resolve conflicts without contacting your staff members.

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