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New Version Release: ClientExec 4.1 Available Now!

We know a lot of you have been anticipating ClientExec’s new version release for quite some time.  Well, it’s finally here! We’d like to give a huge thanks to the committed team of alpha and beta testing customers (some of which were ours)!  This first build is the apogee of several weeks of your hard work.

clientexec New Version Release: ClientExec 4.1 Available Now!

If you are interested in upgrading your current installation, you can find the release files in the Downloads section of your client area which will require an active support agreement. The upgrade process is quick and easy, much like any other ClientExec release; however, we do not have an incremental upgrade package available.If you experience any issues or just simply wish share your feedback on the 4.1 Release Candidate, please send us an e-mail to  We always love hearing from you and will be glad to take care of any issue you happen to run into.

Important: As with any upgrade, ensure that you take a full backup of your database before proceeding.

We hope you enjoy the new release!

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ClientExec Gives You the Tools to Minimize Fraud

ClientExec is an excellent billing system automation software program that gives you the tools that you need to reduce fraudulent orders and prevent chargebacks with Internet fraud prevention. Anti-fraud plug-ins for ClientExec will ensure that your business is protected against fraud because it will assess the likelihood of a customer placing a fraudulent order by looking at a few different characteristics, e.g., free e-mail addresses, IP addresses, location, proxy connections, and a variety of other methods.

When you use ClientExec, you will have anti-fraud protection that will allow you to set a fraudulent rating threshold, and then after that threshold has been reached, the order will not be placed on your system. Since fraud is so prevalent on the Internet, you need a secure system to operate your business on since many people view fraud as a $1 Billion industry in this country. ClientExec has some of the best anti-fraud plug-ins available to keep your transactions secure.

stop cyber crime ClientExec Gives You the Tools to Minimize Fraud

In addition to ClientExec’s outstanding anti-fraud protection, you can also use this software to completely automate your billing system and secure your servers from other malicious attacks. ClientExec makes it easy to start protecting your business from Internet fraud right away. Using the ClientExec anti-fraud plug-ins, Fraudnuke, Maxmind Phone Verification, and Maxmind will give you the most protection against chargebacks and fraudulent orders.  After licensing ClientExec, you will be able to use their state of the art anti-fraud plug-ins right out of the box.

If you need a way to create a professional, automated billing system that will give you the most protection against fraudulent orders and chargebacks, then ClientExec has all of the tools and resources that you need to stay profitable and grow your business. ClientExec also offers a number of other great plug-ins to optimize your virtual environment and create the best online billing system for you and your customers.

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