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Licensing WHMCS Legally and Affordably

Licensing WHMCS is one of the most effective ways to manage your billing systems and automate many of the daily tasks that take time, money, and resources from your hosting business. Many people are trying to sidestep the cost of the program by buying a WHMCS nulled version instead of licensing the software legally. This can cause a whole host of problems because it can lead to fines and unethical business practices. WHMCS does not have to be purchased outright to benefit from their online billing systems and automated account creation services. You can lease a license instead of downloading a WHMCS nulled version.

whmcs logo Licensing WHMCS Legally and Affordably

This can lead to a more stable virtual environment since you do not have to worry about anyone finding out that you have a WHMCS nulled version and either revoking it and fining you or worse, informing your clients that you are unethical and did not pay for the software. In addition, one of the best features on the WHMCS platform is the ability of the software to constantly update with improvements and advanced safety features. The team members at WHMCS work diligently to provide solutions to common problems and the most up-to-date virus protection for online billing systems. If you obtain a WHMCS nulled copy, you will not benefit from these advancements to the online billing systems, and your system can be shut down at any time pending that someone finds out that it is not legally licensed.

If you want to find a cost-effective way to use the WHMCS online billing systems, leasing may be the best option for you be able to fully utilize the advantages of one of the most excellent billing systems on the market today. Hosting billing systems is a great way to expand your business as long as you use legally licensed materials to benefit from all of the features, updates, and security settings available on the WHMCS platform.

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An Overview of Billing System Support for WHMCS

An automated billing system is one of the best ways to ensure that your business remains profitable and can utilize all of the security features and technology advancements offered by the software programs. If you do choose to integrate one of these online billing systems into your website control panel or e-commerce business, you will need to make sure that the billing system you choose will provide you with the most comprehensive support in the event that you need help adjusting to the software.

Finding support for some of the common problems found with integrating into a new billing system may not be as easy to come by as you might think. With WHMCS, you can ensure that you have multi-level support including resources on Wikipedia and Community Forums that will allow you to find out information, view questions and answers posted by other users, and ask your own questions to the knowledgeable support WHMCS support staff on online billing systems. If you have difficulty installing the WHMCS billing system software onto your system, you can hire professionals to integrate the software for you at a very reasonable cost.

Billing System Chalkboard1 An Overview of Billing System Support for WHMCS

The reason that the WHMCS support system is so effective is because you have many resources that you can peruse to find the answers to any issue that may arise with the online billing system. When you first realize that there is a problem, you can quickly search through the community forum discussions to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem with their billing system. If you don’t find your problem listed on the community forum, you can browse Wikipedia for additional information, and then if that does not turn up the results you need, you can contact the support team to help rectify your problems. You may want to consider licensing your own WHMCS software program to benefit from the stellar customer support and services provided by the billing system program, and if you are not interested in a long term buy, you can lease the product for as long as you like to test it out and play with the features.

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Move to a New Billing System – Try out the demo first

Billing systems are very important to online business and probably the most important aspect out of all the components that make of the success of an online business.  If you find yourself unsatisfied with your current billing system and wish to move to another but not sure how to go about this, we suggest you try a few demos!

Some of the top billing systems on the market currently are, Blesta, WHMCS and ClientExec.  What makes these billing systems better than the rest?  We will briefly go through each one and show you why we recommend these to anyone.  As you read through, keep in mind your specific requirement as this will make choosing a new billing system much easier.  If you are undecided, don’t worry; as a licenses provider we offer each of these billing systems with a demo so that you can see first-hand if it is the billing system that will suit your needs.

If you need a billing system that includes billing, support and client management,  Blesta is for you.  Blesta can seamlessly integrate into a variety of business types, whether it be development, web hosting and many other niches because of its modular design. The design is clean, fully automated and developers will find the many unencoded modules a plus.  If this sounds like a billing system that would work for you, why not try the Blesta Demo!

From signup to termination, WHMCS handles it all. If your business is on subscription-based services, you will appreciate the easily customizable features.  WHMCS is developer friendly, includes a support center, features a module library and can automate your provisioning.  If this looks like a billing system that will integrate well into your business, try a WHMCS Demo now!

If you are a reseller needing a wide-selection of plugins and features, ClientExec is a great option.  ClientExec can integrate into almost any control panel you are using.  The interface is easy to navigate, is easily customizable and integrates into most payment gateways.  If you are a reseller looking for a great billing system, try the ClientExec Demo!

Searching for the right billing system is hard.  Trying demos out can be a great start in this process. No matter which billing system you find to be the perfect one for you, we hope this will help make the process a little easier.

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ClientExec has announced a sneak peak into their 4.1 version

For all of you current and prospective ClientExec users, it looks like the launch date of their newest version, ClientExec 4.1, is quickly approaching!  In our last blog post we highlighted some of the incredible new features that can be expected in ClientExec 4.1.  Since that time, ClientExec has expanded on a few of these added features. Here is a sneak peak at their new design layout:

ce41alphapreview ClientExec has announced a sneak peak into their 4.1 version


Also, there has been recent news of an Alpha version being released for testing.  With this we can expect more updates, added features and maybe even a set launch date.  It looks like the highly anticipated ClientExec stable version release is not too far away!  Keep your eyes peeled as we will continue to keep you updated about this billing system on the latest news as we receive it.

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Lauch Date For ClientExec 4.1 Closely Approaching!

For all of you current fans, or prospective buyers, ClientExec has announced a sneak peak into their next version release, version 4.1!  As current customers can attest, ClientExec is known for its highly customizable and intuitive interface, and seamless integration into any environment.  Together, these features make this billing system one of the most popular choices among resellers.  So, what can we expect ClientExec to bring us with this latest version?

If you’ve been waiting for stock control, you’ll be excited to know that this will be included in the new ClientExec version.  They have created a user-friendly system that is still capable of producing powerful results.   You will be able to fully control all of your offerings and the quantity of each.  You also have more control with how your system displays out of stock products and such as hiding the prices for the products you have sold out of.

clientexec20logo Lauch Date For ClientExec 4.1 Closely Approaching!

For those of you who have been requesting an easier system in which to sell things other than web hosting, your requests have been heard!  ClientExec 4.1 will now be designed to allow you to more easily sell products such as, hosting related products, domains (including single domain names), SSL, and the ability to bundle any combinations of these together!

Also, you will find a lot of updates to the admin UI that will make things a little easier on you.  These updates include the ability to see who else is viewing the same page  and the ability to quickly go back to the last five tickets previously viewed.   Also within ClientExec’s admin interface, you will now be able to automatically save the dynamic grids throughout the interface so that you can customize each grid to your needs. ClientExec has also added more options to customize the grids as well such as, hiding, sorting, ordering and filtering.

If you liked the ‘Team Status’ module, you’ll appreciate the fact that they are adding more updates to this.  You will also find a new design with the frontend templates.  This will give a fresher appearance and can be integrated easily into any website, as the new template is written with half as much HTML and CSS coding.

ClientExec has not yet set a release date for their latest version; but don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated as we know how anxious you ClientExec fans can be about new version releases!

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Software Developers Are Turning to the SaaS Model

When it comes to software for hosting and reselling, the current market traditionally relies on selling licenses with set terms.  This is by far the most popular business model, but as more and more companies are offering subscription based options that generate more revenue, the market as a whole is shifting towards an SaaS or subscription as a service business model.  Plesk, cPanel, and many of the other major names in hosting software are already offering this as an option, and it is proving to be a major revenue generator.

Software As A Service Software Developers Are Turning to the SaaS Model

When someone is first considering hosting or reselling, they want to know that they can generate results and revenue before committing to a long term license.  Trial licenses can be effective for this, but as ClientExec, WHMCS, and others are learning, the subscription as a service business model is simply more effective, offering the option to pay for the rights to use the software monthly rather than requiring that customers make a long term commitment.  Monthly prices often generate higher overall revenue over the same amount of time as a traditional license while giving the consumers more control over whether they keep software that they may not like.

Hosting licenses are starting to be phased out, at least in the way we think of them now, and subscription based hosted licenses for online software seems to be the market trend that we will see the most of in the years to come.  The needs of consumers are always changing, and it is the role of software developers to ensure that programs such as Plesk and cPanel are keeping up with these needs.  Subscription as a service licensing makes things easier for consumers and more profitable for software sellers, providing benefit to all involved that certainly increases the chances of this becoming a permanent trend.

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