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ClientExec has announced a sneak peak into their 4.1 version

For all of you current and prospective ClientExec users, it looks like the launch date of their newest version, ClientExec 4.1, is quickly approaching!  In our last blog post we highlighted some of the incredible new features that can be expected in ClientExec 4.1.  Since that time, ClientExec has expanded on a few of these added features. Here is a sneak peak at their new design layout:

ce41alphapreview ClientExec has announced a sneak peak into their 4.1 version


Also, there has been recent news of an Alpha version being released for testing.  With this we can expect more updates, added features and maybe even a set launch date.  It looks like the highly anticipated ClientExec stable version release is not too far away!  Keep your eyes peeled as we will continue to keep you updated about this billing system on the latest news as we receive it.

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Not so sure, when I tried them, a while ago… they where not so hot. However, they may have changed. I want to see more about them, and then I might give them a go.

Posted by Jake - March 9th, 2011 @ 9:36 PM

ClientExec has really become a powerful tool that is extremely useful, it being packed with features and options…. its something you should revisit because
it really has changed a lot since the old days.

Posted by Oliver - March 10th, 2011 @ 10:07 AM