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Integrate RVSkins with WHMCS – Achieve Single Sign-on

Many people may be looking to add new features to their web hosting business by adding a number of new themes that will be integrated seamlessly onto your billing system. RVSkins is not only compatible as a cPanel theme, it can also be applied to the WHMCS billing system to eliminate the need to use multiple passwords to login.

When you sign up for a hosting account, you will probably end up with about 4 or 5 different passwords to navigate different areas of the site. This can make managing your control panel and billing system more difficult than it needs to be. With RVSkins, customers who have licensed cPanel can automatically login to their WHMCS billing system with the single click of a button. Once you enable RVSkins, you can access the WHMCS billing system without any password requirements.

Single sign on aproaches Integrate RVSkins with WHMCS   Achieve Single Sign on

WHMCS is one of the most widely used billing systems, and RVSkins is a great tool to add to the features that come standard with WHMCS. The union of RVSkins and WHMCS removes the need for multiple passwords and gives you the ability to offer more services to your customers. RVSkins themes come in 9 different styles with beautiful varieties that will produce a better virtual experience for your customers. With RVSkins, you can not only eliminate the need for multiple passwords to login to your WHMCS billing system software, you can also use a cPanel theme to design and create a customized virtual environment for your customers to use and enjoy.

In addition to using a cPanel theme to upgrade your existing sites and easily accessing WHMCS, RVSkins will give you the ability to integrate subversion and trac as well as install a webmail manager and provide multilingual support to your customers. With RVSkins, you will be able to expand and grow your business while also decreasing the amount of times you must log in to your software programs.

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Customize Your Control Panel and Boost Your Reseller Income

Resellers have a lot of unique considerations to think about when designing a productive business model. You must be able to set yourself apart from the competition so that you can prove that your service is worthwhile to your customers. cPanel can provide you will all the tools that you need to do just that. A lot of people have reservations about licensing products like cPanel from a reseller because they can tell that a third party mediator is making a profit from their sale. As a reseller, you must be able to provide comprehensive services to your clients to show how useful and necessary your services really are for your customers.

cPanel is critical for branding your business and making it distinguishable from the other providers on the Internet that offer similar services. You can use RVSkin with cPanel to customize your interface and make it more attractive and intuitive for your end users. Since the interface is the first point of contact with any new customer, it needs to be excellently designed and portray accurately and forcefully the message of your business. Customizing cPanel is not difficult with RVSkin and other add-ons that will give you a much-needed edge against your competition.

hostgator cpanel theme1 Customize Your Control Panel and Boost Your Reseller Income

In addition to your cPanel interface equipped with themes from RVSkin, you should also make sure that you improve different aspects of your website by customizing cPanel to reflect the dedication of your staff and the flexibility of your services. If you want to provide your clients with how-to guides, video tutorials, and instructional information, this will increase confidence in your business and make potential clients more likely to use your services.

For customizing cPanel, there are so many options from RVSkin to Fantastico, and the more that you offer your clients, the more successful your business will be in the long run. Licensing cPanel will allow you to build a brand new site or revitalize your existing one and offer customized, marketable services to your clients.

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Streamline Your Server Administration with WHMXtra

WHMXtra can streamline your server administration like you have never imagined! It’s packaged with over 150 different features and receives updates every 30-60 days so that you will always have access to the most advanced technologies available on the program. By using WHMXtra, you can be prepared for anything that your customers need, and all you will have to do to install the applications, scripts, and add-ons is click a button. With WHMXtra, not only will you be providing better services, but you will also be cutting down on the time that you have to spend applying control panel solutions on cPanel that are accessible to your clients.

WHMXtra has some amazing features for cPanel; for instance, you can install ffmpeg on your server in a flash without spending the valuable time it would take to install the system manually. You will be able to seamlessly integrate ffmpeg in seconds, and this will help you provide the best control panel solutions available on the market. cPanel has really made the task of server administration effortless with their WHMXtra application. In addition to ffmpeg, you can also add any of a number of other features to enhance the security of your virtual environment, customize the interface, and also add exciting scripts and plug ins so that your clients will always be wondering what new element they will be able to install on their websites.

ffmpeg Streamline Your Server Administration with WHMXtra

WHMXtra is more than server administration and control panel solutions, it is also a comprehensive way to add services to your cPanel so that your clients will be more satisfied using your hosting business. In addition to licensing WHMXtra, you will also have access to Softaculous, another amazing auto-installer, so that you can really optimize your server administration and apply the best control panel solutions on the market to your business.

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Virtuozzo Paired with Ksplice Makes Your Clients’ Lives Simpler

Virtuozzo and Ksplice together are a powerful combination that will provide you with the most complete way to provide your clients with safety. Ensuring constant uptime of tens or even hundreds of Virtual Private Servers (VPS’s) on a server node can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools to simplify and streamline the process. It is difficult not only because there are so many customers on the server but also because there are multiple updates for each VPS that need to be applied so that the server can be completely patched. Patch management is much more efficient for your server node if you have virtualization software like Virtuozzo and Ksplice to help your server remain online during updates and maintain the optimal level of security.

Ksplice and Virtuozzo Virtuozzo Paired with Ksplice Makes Your Clients’ Lives Simpler

When using Virtuozzo and Ksplice, you can streamline patch management and make it much easier for you to keep your servers protected even during an update. The power of Ksplice will allow patches to be instantly applied to all containers within a Virtuozzo server, and Virtuozzo is one of the most powerful virtualization software platforms that currently exists in the hosting industry. Being one of the fastest and most effective, it is also constantly being updated to ensure that it meets all of the most current needs of the community.

Virtuozzo does an amazing job that few virtualization software technologies can, and combining the power of Ksplice and Virtuozzo allows you an optimal way to control your servers and apply seamless patch management. Licensing both Virtuozzo and Ksplice, you will not need human interaction to apply patches to your server, as the self-healing system really requires no oversight from the administrator. As long as Ksplice is enabled to install automatic updates on a server and Virtuozzo containers are in place to help manage server security, you will have the most comprehensive system in the hosting industry.

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WHMCS – Android App Launched

The most exciting news hitting the wires about WHMCS right now is their introduction of an Android app. WHMCS just launched one of the most innovative Android apps on the market, and it has brought the functionality of WHMCS to the next level. WHMCS mobile is one of the most exciting elements to the WHMCS billing system because it allows you to track invoices and manage your billing system on the go.

WHMCS now includes an iPhone and an Android app, and this has skyrocketed the capabilities of the WHMCS platform incorporating a multi-faceted approach to billing system management that can take place at any time from anywhere. All of your cPanel client management needs are available on WHMCS mobile, and this makes the product even more attractive to potential buyers. The new addition to the Android apps includes an extensive array of great features for professionals. You can manage your income summary, online staff, to do items, and activity log to keep track of your latest and greatest statistics. Browse, view, and accept or reject pending orders or process your new orders directly from your mobile device.

Android WHMCS WHMCS – Android App Launched

WHMCS mobile has really allowed the company to stay competitive and expand the services that they offer to their clients. The Android and iPhone app will probably not be the last we will see from the WHMCS apps, since the creation of WHMCS apps has been so wildly successful. With WHMCS mobile and WHMCS apps, you can now manage support and billing issues wherever you are, and this is one of the most innovative improvements to the WHMCS platform that has ever been revealed. The WHMCS billing system has not only integrated an app into the Android apps market, but they have also made the process of managing and automating billing systems more efficient by providing the most advanced technologies and security measures.

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Benefits of Using Fantastico Explained

Fantastico is a wonderful way to install an array of applications and scripts onto your websites with a few easy steps and instant activation. Fantastico operates off of a Linux/PHP platform, and it allows you to install blogs like WordPress, discussion boards, portals, CMS, image galleries, site builders, e-commerce carts, and much more. You can probably see that there are many benefits to using Fantastico to automatically install scripts through your server onto the various websites you support, but there may be other advantages to licensing Fantastico that you are not aware of yet.

Fantastico is a great product for novice users or people that are not familiar with the ins and outs of website creation and script installation. The process of applying different elements to your website is quick and easy with just a few clicks. Fantastico supports multiple open-source applications, and Fantastico will allow you to create dynamic websites that are extremely effective and productive. The functionality of Fantastico extends well beyond the bounds that a normal control panel allows.

fantastico box Benefits of Using Fantastico Explained

Fantastico surpasses other providers such as Softaculous in customer service, update delivery, and user-friendliness. If you need applications that provide cookie support, IP locking and logging, web links, advanced picture galleries, and surveys, then Fantastico has what you need to provide more exciting, dynamic services to your clients. You will also be able to take advantage of free utilities, easy updates, payment gateways, and extensive and comprehensive customer support. The array of different features that you can enjoy will help you create effective websites with a forceful, clear message.

The Fantastico tool is one of the most fascinating programs on the market because this auto-installer is extremely versatile. To simplify your hosting experience and add content management services to your client, Fantastico is an excellent solution for any type of hosting provider.

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