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Is WHMAutoPilot on a Comeback Tour?!

Until 2008, WHMAutoPilot was one of the top leaders in the billing software market.  This all powerful billing system was once one of the very best in the business, but after 2008, the program essentially laid dormant. Users found themselves with minimal, if any, support, and most of the WHMAutoPilot website’s features didn’t even work.  It became nearly impossible to purchase a working license for the product as well.  Unfortunately for the program’s developers, this pushed many people away from the product they loved so much and towards alternative software that offered better support and more upgrades.

whmautopilot license Is WHMAutoPilot on a Comeback Tour?!

For those who miss the innovation and ease of use that WHMAutoPilot represented, the good news is that the company recently released version 3.2.80.  Better still, WHMAutoPilot has confirmed that the billing system is currently being redesigned.  The goal is to help make the system considerably more powerful.  The goal for developers is to actually rewrite, redesign, and rethink the entire approach of WHMAutoPilot.  This certainly offers hope for those still using the system, as well as those who turned away only reluctantly.  The question, however, is whether users are willing to come back to a company that many feel simply abandoned them.

Will WHMAutoPilot be able to pick up where they left off, regaining their momentum and their market share?  With the new version still under development, it is certainly too early to answer this question just yet.  WHMAutoPilot 3.3.0 will certainly give us a good idea of where the company intends to take the product and what direction they will be heading in, but the overall success of the product is just as dependent on whether or not the company will be able to regain its consumer base.  The future of WHMAutoPilot is still unknown, but many are anxiously waiting to see what 3.3.0 will have in store.

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