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Softaculous is one of the most comprehensive auto-installers on the market today. Having over 175+ scripts that are installable with just one-click, this allows you to integrate a wide variety of applications right into your web space.  Many of the applications that are installable by Softaculous are open source; this is a great way to save money as you will not have to pay to use any of these. Additionally, Softaculous is versatile enough to support multiple control panels including DirectAdmin and cPanel/WHM.

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Softaculous is well known for its speed, and when it comes to fast script updates, Softaculous delivers.  They know that updates are important to ensure the smooth running of scripts.  They constantly add features and scripts that become available on every new version they release and their script updates come out twice as fast as the competitions!

Another time saving feature that sets Softaculous apart is their one-step installer.  This process only requires a few brief items filled out to complete the installation. This means faster script installations, and less hassle when it comes to deploying new scripts on your website.

Softaculous is not limited to only one billing system integration.  It is supported by multiple control panels including Plesk, cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin. Installation is quick and easy; simply download the correct installer for your control panel, and you’re on your way to seamless integration.

Along with saving you time and money, Softaculous provides you with the widest selection of any one-click installable scripts on the market.  Having a wide selection of easily installable scripts is important.  While you save time, Softaculous takes care of the technical side installation; this includes copying all the files into your web space as well as setting correct permissions and configuring the database.

Overall, Softaculous is a great auto-installer that saves you time and money and offers a wide selection of applications.  You can learn more about how Softaculous can benefit you and business here.

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