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SolusVM – WHMCS Module Now Available!

SolusVM has long been one of the most powerful virtualization options for consumers working within a budget or cost conscious atmosphere, and the program has just gotten better.  SolusVM has just released a new module that enables customers to easily automate the management of their virtual private servers using a WHMCS module.  This new feature will allow a large number of hosting providers to be able to take a more passive or “hands off” approach to deploying VPS services for customers all across the globe.

solusvm license reseller SolusVM   WHMCS Module Now Available!

The new WHMCS module from SolusVM offers a surprising forty plus configurable fields.  The module can also easily provision servers based on their locations and can also provide a myriad of other features and enhancements to improve the virtualization experience.  Installing the SolusVM WHMCS module is a very straightforward process, and one that should not take more than about fifteen to twenty minutes in total from start to finish.  The company provides extensive documentation on how to perform the integration as well, helping to ensure that every step of the process is as seamless and stress free as possible.

Provisioning your VPS servers regardless of location has never been quite as easy as it will be with the new SolusVM WHMCS module.  When integrated and installed, this module will allow you to fully and completely manage your SolusVM system directly from within your billing system.  Virtualization is a key part of hosting and hosting reselling, and having the best features and modules available helps to expand your offerings as well as to make your business more effective and cost efficient.  The new WHMCS module from SolusVM really offers a wide range of features and is certainly something that any company looking to automate VPS deployment will be well served to take the time to consider.

Are you using the SolusVM WHM module? Do you have feedback that you wish to share? Perhaps your looking for another billing system module for SolusVM, such as Ubersmith, share your viewpoints with the community!

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WHMCS Adds Market Place Community

WHMCS has seen a lot of requests from users for a place to provide services to other WHMCS users allowing them to customize, develop, and integrate third party modules into their billing system. Since so many customers have requested that they be able to share services with one another, the WHMCS staff has now officially launched a new forum called WHMCS Market Place.

WHMCS Community Forum WHMCS Adds Market Place Community

Essentially, the WHMCS Market Place gives full access to software developers so that they can offer their services to other members of the WHMC community. If you are encountering a problem on your billing system or you would like to upgrade specific modules, you can enlist the help of a developer that is familiar with the WHMCS software to assist you with anything that you may need. This really enhances the support offered by WHMCS. Since WHMCS is so popular among the web hosting world to help manage and organize billing systems, they have relaxed their strict regulations against self promotion and advertising on their forums so that their customers can find the solutions that they need quickly and easily.

This further adds to the statement that WHMCS is one of the most popular billing systems currently on the market. A WHMCS license allows users to be able to automate their hosting companies and provides them with an easy to use portal that can be shared by customers and administrators alike. With the new Market Place, all WHMCS users can share their expertise or find the help that they need to get the most out of their software program. The only catch to the Market Place is that you cannot offer services that WHMCS offers directly. Any custom module or specific solution to a problem that is not offered by WHMCS is free game, and different users can now assist each other so that everyone is more satisfied with the product.

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