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Fantastico De Luxe is the market leader when it comes to auto-installers for cPanel/WHM servers. Having over 10,000 installations, it provides more than one million users with dozens of open-source scripts on a daily basis. Fantastico is one of the most popular third party add-ons that can be purchased and added to the cPanel.

fantastico Fantastico

Let’s take a quick overview of the features that make Fantastico such a popular auto-installer.

If you like full control, then you’ll love what Fantastico has to offer.  With their advanced controls, the administrator can fully control what scripts their end users have access to.  It also allows administrators the ability to set location based language functionality.

Upgrades are great, especially when you don’t have to hunt for them.  With Fantastico, as soon as the upgrades are released, the upgrades are available for administrators to download. As another added bonus, you can automate your upgrades as well, this allows your backups and updates to happen at the same time.

Fantastico Dashboard Screenshot Fantastico

Support is a key element for any business.  Getting support when you need it most is crucial. Fantastico has an array of support features to choose from, whether it be their community forum or email based ticketing system, they have it covered.

When it comes to Installing Fantastico, they make the process just as streamlines as their product.  You can install right within your cPanel/WHM.  Simply upload the installer via shell, and follow the online process via WHM’s interface; now it’s installed and ready to go!

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