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Hosting Licensing Customer Appreciation

We wanted to write a short blog post just to thank all of our wonderful customers for your continued support. Since our creation, we have continued to grow despite the competition. We would like to thank all of our customers who have given us great feedback and suggestions. We know this has greatly impacted our steady growth as we continue to innovate, add new licensing options and tweak our services where necessary.

We really do appreciate every suggestion that is presented and take into consideration every bit of feedback received. Our most popular customer-suggested-features have been the bulk discounts and billing system API. We have also had the opportunity to partner with provide a few licenses that are harder to find on the market currently.

We always love to hear from you guys and don’t hesitate to keep the feedback and suggestions coming! Also, if you have any questions about our licenses, please shoot us a message. You can also get in contact with us through our social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook!

P.S. Take a look! It seems we are even getting some love visits from our competitor BuycPanel (and its not the first time!):

buycPanel snooping Hosting Licensing Customer Appreciation

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Using ClientExec to Easily Obtain Important Feedback

If you have a hosting business or any website, you probably want to know what your customers think about your site and how your products and services meet their needs. Maybe you want specific feedback on your staff, customer service, or other aspects of your company, and with ClientExec, you can get detailed feedback from your clients easily. ClientExec provides a module that is inbuilt into their billing system, and it allows customers to rate the level of accuracy and response time after completing a small survey.

feedback king Using ClientExec to Easily Obtain Important Feedback

When the ticket for a transaction is closed, the customer will be able to give you the feedback you need to make your business more effective and productive. This useful information provided by ClientExec will help you pick and choose which staff members you need to re-train and what services and features you need to provide your customers so that you can meet all of their needs. ClientExec not only provides you with comprehensive billing system management, but also with the ability to improve your business and increase your revenue by evaluating your business model and the ease of your everyday transactions.

clientexec20logo Using ClientExec to Easily Obtain Important Feedback

By showing the customer that you care about their feedback by using the ClientExec feedback module, you will be able to retain more customers and limit the number of customer cancellations. As long as you make detailed notes and take action to correct any problems that a customer may encounter, then you will enhance your business and increase the productivity of your enterprise. All of these features come from ClientExec, and it is provided by default without any expensive upgrades or complex add-on modules. It’s ready to be used as soon as you license ClientExec. By licensing ClientExec, you can enjoy detailed customer feedback, insightful graphs and charts, and comprehensive management services all in one package.

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