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Fantastico vs. Softaculous – What Sets Them Apart?

Both Fantastico and Softaculous are extremely powerful and versatile auto-installers. These software programs are used by virtually thousands of web hosting companies throughout the globe. Fantastico is one of the first auto-installers on the market, and it currently has a substantial market share. This auto-installer will allow you to install a variety of scripts quickly and easily so that you can enhance your hosting experience to provide a variety of other options to your customers.

 Fantastico vs. Softaculous   What Sets Them Apart?

While Fantastico has led the market for years, Softaculous is quickly becoming a popular auto-installer because it offers so many different options that Fantastico does not. The scripts offered by Softaculous are vast and varied, allowing you to choose exactly the type of application that will enhance the virtual experience that you can provide.

As an auto-installer Softaculous offers over 200 scripts ,to date, and the options are constantly expanding. Fantastico has responded to the challenge that Softaculous has presented by offering a newer version that is soon to be released. The new Fantastico license will finally set the two at equilibrium at the very least.

Whether you are interested in a Fantastico license or a Softaculous license, you will be able to access many scripts so that you can begin setting yourself apart from the competition. A Fantastico license and a Softaculous license can be purchased from a reseller so that you can find the most affordable prices on your program. The Softaculous license boasts a number of useful and interesting scripts, and the much-anticipated Fantastico license for Version 3 will allow you to take advantage of the same benefits as Softaculous.

Purchasing your license from a reseller can have many advantages, and it can be really beneficial to experiment with both a Fantastico License and a Softaculous License so that you can decide which program suits your particular needs best.

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Softaculous is a lot better autoinstaller and offer a lot more scripts for web hosting installation. Over 200!

Posted by Nancy - July 23rd, 2012 @ 2:25 PM

Softaculous is the best for the price. Over 200 scripts including the most famous CMSes WordPress and Joomla.

Posted by TerryM - September 17th, 2012 @ 7:27 AM