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Is Fantastico a Must When it comes to Your Hosting Plan?

Fantastico is a pretty controversial program, and there are people out there with mixed feelings. Some people have complained that the updates Fantastico provides are not fast enough, and that the program cannot be trusted to upgrade as efficiently as other programs. Other people have said that Fantastico does more damage than good when it comes to Drupal. Are these the ramblings of a competitor who is trying to dislodge the award-winning auto-installer, or do they really have some merit?

LicenseCube has spent many years evaluating Fantastico and learning about the way the software functions, and based on their 10+ years of experience, they have a comprehensive knowledge of the software. Fantastico does have its problems, but for the most part, Fantastico is a super strong and stable auto-installer that will be around for decades to come. The feature-rich, user-friendly display in Fantastico allows web hosting customers to install various scripts and applications directly from the control panels.

fantastico license love it or hate it Is Fantastico a Must When it comes to Your Hosting Plan?

Fantastico boasts scripts that allow for content sharing, blog installation, content management systems, portals, discussion boards, image galleries, polls, surveys, e-commerce carts, and much more. There are so many possibilities available to the consumer by using a Fantastico auto-installer, and although there can sometimes be issues with updates, Fantastico provides you with so many options when it comes to installing new scripts.

You can also use the extensive customer support to address any issues that may arise with your auto-installer, and licensing Fantastico gives you the ability to see for yourself just how well the program works. You can license Fantastico on a monthly basis to test it out and play with the features so that you can get a more thorough understanding of how the program functions and the kind of benefits that you will enjoy from integrating Fantastico onto your control panel.

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5 Comments (Comments now closed)

For me. Yes, I think its the best auto-installer. I’ve never seen something so cool. There are others, but my customers prefer Fantastico over Softaculous and installatron

Posted by Johnny W - September 9th, 2011 @ 12:02 PM

I would vote for Fantastico over Softaculous anytime. They are much better, Softaculous is very poorly design, it seems very unpro….

Posted by Ben Simpson - September 10th, 2011 @ 2:14 AM

@Ben. I would disagree. I think that both of them are good. One is older and more established, while the other is newer and more energetic.

Posted by Jacob - September 10th, 2011 @ 3:54 PM

+1 for Fantastico. Its one of the best auto-installers in the market (at least I think it is)

Posted by Jess - September 12th, 2011 @ 12:42 AM

I am deciding between Softaculous or Fantastico. . .both have so much to offer. I do like the user-friendly display in Fantastico.

Posted by M. Aachen - September 13th, 2011 @ 12:35 AM