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WHMCS – Get Your cPanel Hosting Business Started with WHMCS

WHMCS is the quickest way to get your cPanel startup hosting company off the ground and active online. You can find the resources and devices that you need to automate and manage your billing system, and WHMCS is one of the most advanced software programs on the market. A WHMCS license will allow you full access to the most revolutionary and exciting features offered by WHMCS. This billing software has multiple uses, and in addition to automated account creation, invoicing, support systems, domain registration, and security features.

With a WHMCS license, you can manage your system with support and service integration only found in billing software. WHMCS support software has an easy to use customer management interface that makes it even more productive for your business to integrate the new software into your existing control panel. Millions of people use WHMCS, and the developers have designed the software so that you can integrate third party applications with API and enhance your interface with new scripts and applications. You can even integrate custom forms right into your website made directly from the WHMCS administration center.

WHMCS License Hosting Provider WHMCS   Get Your cPanel Hosting Business Started with WHMCS

In addition, you can install SSL certificates on your system, support multiple languages, automatically back up your database, and configure specific e-mail alerts. With a WHMCS license, you can allow your creativity to run wild because the open source platform is extremely developer friendly. You can create custom modules and distinctive new features with customizable templates and unique gateway modules. There are so many different options to choose from when you use WHMCS, and a license is the first step to installing your billing software. WHMCS support software will be able to give you the best options for revitalizing your billing system and managing your business’s needs more efficiently.

With WHMCS, you will have a multi-faceted support system available to help automate and manage your every need.

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Cloud Billing Systems – Which Ones are the Best?

Since cloud hosting is a fairly new service on the Internet, many of the cloud hosting billing systems do not provide adequate services yet. There is a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak when it comes to OnApp’s cloud hosting services. OnApp is a software provider that specializes in cloud hosting and produces modules for most of the popular billing systems such as WHMCS, Ubersmith, and ClientExec. They also incorporate an API feature that allows for easy integration with third party applications.

cloud billing1 Cloud Billing Systems – Which Ones are the Best?

The dedicated modules that they use can integrate with WHMCS to enhance the flexibility and adaptability of your cloud hosting environment. With WHMCS, your customers can manage their virtual environment directly from the WHMCS portal, and this integration makes overseeing your billing system simple and effective. You can utilize the same principles with ClientExec or Ubersmith, and the way that OnApp allows for optimal cloud hosting environments is really a breath of fresh air for those that use cloud services. Formerly, it was very difficult to integrate your billing system into a cloud hosting environment, but now you can integrate it quickly and easily if you switch to the cloud.

Using these modules, you can transform your existing WHMCS billing system easily into a cloud based billing system. A cloud billing system will bill your customers for overages and other resources that have been utilized on your cloud, generating additional revenue for your business. Best of all is that the WHMCS billing system module is free and comes standard with the WHMCS program. WHMCS is a program that is built upon a strong foundation, and many people are looking for a way to incorporate the powerful features of the cloud with the functionality and reliability of WHMCS. With OnApp, this can all be accomplished.

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WHMCS + Kayako = Streamline Your Customers’ Login

Resellers and hosting providers will usually mention that automating multiple logins for customers is complicated and cumbersome. This is why WHMCS and Kayako have teamed up and created a module that is called “LoginShare.” With LoginShare, customers can now share the database, so users no longer have to be enrolled into multiple systems. In the WHMCS billing system, you can just create them, and presto, you have automatically enrolled them into the most popular support suite, Kayako.

WHMCS is constantly looking at making things simpler for resellers and hosting providers alike. With WHMCS and Kayako, you will be able to automate your billing system services as well as provide the best help desk software on the market. If your business needs a system that will allow you to provide optimal support and services, then WHMCS paired with Kayako is an excellent bundle. When you purchase a WHMCS license, you can easily integrate with your Kayako license, so the process of using both software programs together is seamless.

single sign on whmcs WHMCS + Kayako = Streamline Your Customers’ Login

In addition to the LoginShare module, you can also use a wide array of other features, and the API allows you to create a custom module if you prefer. The new version of Kayako offers users and administrators so many more options than it previously did, and the expansion of both WHMCS and Kayako has paved the way for the most comprehensive client management and billing system support service available. Since a WHMCS license and a Kayako license can be purchased to provide management and automation services for any type of hosting or web development business, people are really taking notice of the exciting combination of both of these programs.

With a WHMCS license, you will not only be able to use the rich set of features on the program, but you will also be able to easily integrate with many third party applications and software programs like Kayako. A license is also inexpensive if you purchase a monthly plan, and you will be able to test out the software to see if it meets your needs.

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WHMCS Adds Market Place Community

WHMCS has seen a lot of requests from users for a place to provide services to other WHMCS users allowing them to customize, develop, and integrate third party modules into their billing system. Since so many customers have requested that they be able to share services with one another, the WHMCS staff has now officially launched a new forum called WHMCS Market Place.

WHMCS Community Forum WHMCS Adds Market Place Community

Essentially, the WHMCS Market Place gives full access to software developers so that they can offer their services to other members of the WHMC community. If you are encountering a problem on your billing system or you would like to upgrade specific modules, you can enlist the help of a developer that is familiar with the WHMCS software to assist you with anything that you may need. This really enhances the support offered by WHMCS. Since WHMCS is so popular among the web hosting world to help manage and organize billing systems, they have relaxed their strict regulations against self promotion and advertising on their forums so that their customers can find the solutions that they need quickly and easily.

This further adds to the statement that WHMCS is one of the most popular billing systems currently on the market. A WHMCS license allows users to be able to automate their hosting companies and provides them with an easy to use portal that can be shared by customers and administrators alike. With the new Market Place, all WHMCS users can share their expertise or find the help that they need to get the most out of their software program. The only catch to the Market Place is that you cannot offer services that WHMCS offers directly. Any custom module or specific solution to a problem that is not offered by WHMCS is free game, and different users can now assist each other so that everyone is more satisfied with the product.

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How to Tell if Your Host is Legit – Verify Their WHMCS License

There are so many hosting companies offering their services that it is extremely hard to tell if a company is actually legit. So what is a customer supposed to do when choosing a hosting company? Well, one of the methods used is to check their WHMCS license with license verification. WHMCS has released a new utility, which allows you to check and verify the license. When you check it, you will ensure that it is valid and not a cracked version.

WHMCS License Verify How to Tell if Your Host is Legit – Verify Their WHMCS License

WHMCS is one of the best billing systems currently on the market, with its advanced reporting functionality and wide selection of supported providers from payment gateways to domain registrars, nothing is better than WHMCS. The release of WHMCS 4.5 should reveal new, improved features that have not yet been seen in the software. Considering how amazing WHMCS is right now, most billing system users are keeping their eyes open for the newest release. In addition to license verification, what else can be expected from WHMCS?

With a standard WHMCS license, you get all of the benefits of full automation, account creation, support and ticket management, customer service, as well as many other features. Most people think that this new version will have all of the same functionality, scalability, and flexibility, but the developers will also have advanced the interface further, added more customization, and resolved some conflicts that people were experiencing on the system. Since WHMCS hit the market, it has been one of the most easily recognizable billing system software programs on the market. The license verification feature on WHMCS just makes users all the more interested in giving it a try because it pretty much eliminates any risk. With all of the features available on WHMCS, it does seem like competitors in the billing system industry have a lot of catching up to do before they can really top the current WHMCS license.


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WHMCS – VOIP Billing Coming to a Provider Near You?

When it comes to VOIP billing, there really are not many billing systems that are compatible. However, WHMCS is currently being pressured to provide support for VOIP providers such as 4PSA, VOIPO, and others. If WHMCS takes this step, it will be a game changer in the billing system industry, and since there program is already so versatile and adaptable, adding this layer of support will make WHMCS stand out above the rest. A WHMCS license can provide you with the services and support that you need to fully automate and manage your virtual environment with ease, and now that VOIP support is in the works, the program is that much more functional for administrators, hosting providers, and users.

1108254 10914851 WHMCS – VOIP Billing Coming to a Provider Near You?

VOIP is the next big market frontier for most hosting providers, and most billing systems are starting to look into these market segments so that they can provide support for the major providers that are currently offering online services. While WHMCS is paving the way for new expansion around every corner, this feature shows just how advanced the WHMCS development team is, and with this type of capability, the WHMCS program will continue to impress customers around the world. With a WHMCS license, you will not only be able to take advantage of this important step in development but also the wide array of features that come standard on the program.

If you are in need of a billing system that supports VOIP billing, then ordering a WHMCS license is the best option. Since WHMCS developers are attempting to make the process of using multiple forms of VOIP easier and more efficient, it is the best choice for any billing system user. WHMCS is improving at lightning speed with new features, capabilities, and services at every new release. Since WHMCS will probably come out with other important features in the future, ordering a WHMCS license is the first step to securing and managing your billing system with ease.

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