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Miva Merchant – New Features with Wombat

Miva Merchant has unleashed some great new features. Wombat was just introduced at the end of last year, and now you don’t have to worry about updates or changes affecting the look and feel of your store. With Wombat on Miva Merchant, updates never cause template changes to be made to your e-Commerce store, assuring that a patch never affects your site in a negative way. With a Miva Merchant license, you can use one of the most advanced e-Commerce software packages on the market, and purchasing an e-Commerce software license is essential for your web-based business’s ongoing productivity and success.

Many people use Miva Merchant to manage their transactions and provide all of the real-time data needed to complete transactions in a timely and efficient manner. With an e-Commerce software license like a Miva Merchant license, you will be able to make your business much better by streamlining the transaction process and giving your customers the security and reliability of using one of the best e-Commerce software programs on the market.

MM5 Shopping Miva Merchant – New Features with Wombat

Wombat on Miva Merchant will even allow you to track your inventory by attribute levels such as color and size. In addition, Wombat allows customers to go to an order landing page to view their order history and the status of their order as frequently as they wish. This makes the ordering process much simpler and more effective, and with a Miva Merchant license, Wombat will be at your disposal as well as all of the other excellent features that can

With an e-Commerce software solution like Miva Merchant, you can utilize the most powerful resources on the market. A Miva Merchant license can be purchased on a monthly basis so that you can experiment with the program to see it is right e-Commerce software license for your business.


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Choosing an E-Commerce Shopping Cart Simplified

When your business success hinges on your ability to easily make sales over the web, you need an e-commerce shopping cart that meets all of your needs and requirements.  With so many options in the market today, it seems almost harder to choose the right company than when there were few choices, and knowing where to start can be a headache in and of itself.  Do you look for the company with the longest history, the one with the most templates and features, or the one with an open source design so that you can install any added features that you need?

Finding the right online cart is certainly frustrating.  Miva Merchant is currently one of the best options on the market.  You will find that the first place to start when you are looking to integrate an e-commerce cart into your website is definitely going to be features, and Miva is packed with them.  Better still, the Miva online cart can be easily customized to fit virtually any type of online business, whether you offer physical goods, digital audio files, or drop shipping.  This flexibility offers you major power when it comes to your e-commerce cart.

Miva Merchant Screenshot Choosing an E Commerce Shopping Cart Simplified

Miva Merchant provides real time shipping rates, data import and export, merchandising, and more.  It is also Internet marketing ready right out of the box.  This e-commerce cart provides top level security and accepts major credit cards and can even calculate sales tax.  In house support ensures that any questions or issues are easily resolved by experts who know exactly what you want and need, and the level of customization and flexibility is virtually unmatched.  With a high popularity rating and excellent market history, Miva is one of the most obvious choices, providing everything online sellers are looking for to achieve success in virtually any market.

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