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Integrate Ksplice – Save Yourself Time and Energy

Using a monitoring system like Nagios may require you to integrate with your existing server monitoring system. With Ksplice advanced API, you will be able to see what server needs to be patched, which servers have already been patched, and many other useful features. Ksplice is one of the best ways to install updates on a server because it provides optimal Linux security and patch management since Ksplice does not require the server to reboot during an upgrade.

Ksplice ensures that you no longer need to worry about losing uptime when you upgrade your servers and effectively integrate patch management and Linux security into your existing server. Every patch that is applied by Ksplice can be rolled back at anytime without any server reboots. This is extremely convenient for maintaining a consistent flow of traffic to your site and eliminating downtime and security risks associated with rebooting the server. Ksplice gives you the most uptime and saves you money because you will be able to automatically apply updates as they come out.

Ksplice rebootless servers Integrate Ksplice   Save Yourself Time and Energy

Ksplice will also automatically install updates to your server and keep it running throughout. You will not only prevent downtime, you will also be able to avoid security risks to your server and stay up to date at all times by integrating patch management with your Linux security. With Ksplice, you will not have to manually install updates and manage them, and this program can save you quite a bit of time and energy. Licensing Ksplice keeps your system safe and allows you to upgrade instantly and automatically. Ksplice is extremely easy to install, and you can try it for free with all of the features and tools that you will be given when you license the Ksplice program.

Ksplice will work for most if not all of the control panels on the market including Plesk and cPanel, and it is the best solution for patch management and Linux security.

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WHMCS + Kayako = Streamline Your Customers’ Login

Resellers and hosting providers will usually mention that automating multiple logins for customers is complicated and cumbersome. This is why WHMCS and Kayako have teamed up and created a module that is called “LoginShare.” With LoginShare, customers can now share the database, so users no longer have to be enrolled into multiple systems. In the WHMCS billing system, you can just create them, and presto, you have automatically enrolled them into the most popular support suite, Kayako.

WHMCS is constantly looking at making things simpler for resellers and hosting providers alike. With WHMCS and Kayako, you will be able to automate your billing system services as well as provide the best help desk software on the market. If your business needs a system that will allow you to provide optimal support and services, then WHMCS paired with Kayako is an excellent bundle. When you purchase a WHMCS license, you can easily integrate with your Kayako license, so the process of using both software programs together is seamless.

single sign on whmcs WHMCS + Kayako = Streamline Your Customers’ Login

In addition to the LoginShare module, you can also use a wide array of other features, and the API allows you to create a custom module if you prefer. The new version of Kayako offers users and administrators so many more options than it previously did, and the expansion of both WHMCS and Kayako has paved the way for the most comprehensive client management and billing system support service available. Since a WHMCS license and a Kayako license can be purchased to provide management and automation services for any type of hosting or web development business, people are really taking notice of the exciting combination of both of these programs.

With a WHMCS license, you will not only be able to use the rich set of features on the program, but you will also be able to easily integrate with many third party applications and software programs like Kayako. A license is also inexpensive if you purchase a monthly plan, and you will be able to test out the software to see if it meets your needs.

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WHMSonic and Auto DJ – A Gift to Internet Radio

WHMSonic has a great edge to offer internet radio because now you can apply the Auto DJ script directly to your control panel so that you can offer your clients the option to stream radio directly to their websites. The management interface on WHMSonic provides you with complete control over your internet radio stations, and you can customize the script so that it will play exactly what you want. Auto DJ and live DJ are some of the best features available on WHMSonic because you can keep your music playing and easily switch between an Auto DJ and a live DJ so that your listeners never miss a beat.

WHMSonic Online Radio WHMSonic and Auto DJ – A Gift to Internet Radio

The effortless move from Auto DJ to live DJ is just one of the many great features of the WHMSonic application because this will allow you to make your website more interactive and provide a more thorough virtual experience for your customers to enjoy. WHMSonic is compatible with multiple languages and you can use Shoutcast or create customized playlists for any website.

WHMSonic allows you to manage and customize your internet radio station in a variety of ways. You can set up your system to auto-play mp3 files, auto-mix tracks, shuffle, and run through preset playlists. You’ll even be able to set usage limits for your server to ensure that you don’t exceed your bandwidth limits. In addition, you can set up both internal and external radio stations on WHMSonic, which allows you many more options when it comes to customization and management of your internet radio stations.

Licensing WHMSonic is a great addition to any hosting platform because of the innovative Shoutcast, Auto DJ, live DJ, and other features. Stream audio directly to your websites with WHMSonic and offer your customers the chance to really customize and tailor their site to attract more visitors.

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WHMXtra – Server Management Made Easy

Server management can be tough even when the control panel is as friendly as cPanel. You can run into tasks that you don’t know the solutions to, and you can also run into issues that require dynamic command line administration. Many people may find this type of configuration complicated and confusing. The solution to this is WHMXtra. With a WHMXtra license, you can perform advanced administrative actions with the click of a button.

WHMXtra License WHMXtra   Server Management Made Easy

WHMXtra provides you with over 150 featured scripts that you can run without ever touching the command lie. You find tons of useful items on WHMXtra like the ability to install FFMPEG and CLAMAV instantly. You can also backup your cPanel accounts and fix your e-mail accounts simply and easily. You don’t have to worry about administration tasks with a WHMXtra license, and you will be able to streamline your server management needs.

For server management, there is not a better program on the market, and WHMXtra can easily be integrated with the best control panels on the market so you can use it with your current control panel. A WHMXtra license will ensure that you get all of the features and capabilities that you need with server management software, and server management software license can help you enhance your virtual environment with an amazingly versatile and functional product.

WHMXtra contains more than 150 features that can make your virtual environment safer and easier to use. With all of the scripts and applications that you can add to your cPanel control panel with a WHMXtra license, you will be able to ensure that your systems are incredibly useful and simple to configure and customize. With WHMXtra server management software and server management software licenses, you will be well on your way to creating a virtual environment that you can enjoy using even more.

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Installatron is an Auto Installer that You can Count on

When installing software on to your control, you want to be able to automate your installation in order to save both time and money. Installatron allows you to do just that. With feature-rich technology and a state of the art design, an Installatron license will help you streamline your tasks so that you can use your time for other, more productive pursuits. With Installatron, you can install your favorite applications with just a single click, and it is one of the best and most flexible auto installers on the market.

Installatron License Installatron is an Auto Installer that You can Count on

One of the best features of Installatron is that it lets you use it on so many different control panels. For a control panel installer, Installatron is extremely versatile. You can use Installatron on cPanel/WHM, cPanel Enkompass, DirectAdmin, Plesk Panel for Linux and Unix, Plesk Panel for Windows, InterWorx, and Kloxo. With Installatron, it has never been easier to install all of the applications and software that you need with a simple one-click installation process.

Installatron is undeniably one of the most useful auto-installers because it allows you to access a number of functional scripts so that you can enhance your virtual environment. Installatron is also constantly upgrading, which is an excellent feature for people that intend to use the program for a long period of time. An Installatron license will allow you to access all of the best scripts on the market, and since the installation process is a breeze, you will be able to get these applications up and running in no time at all. An Installatron license is also very easy to purchase, and you can use it on a monthly basis or you can buy the license outright. No matter which type of Installatron license you plan to purchase, it will add flexibility and functionality to your system and it is one of the best control panel installers available.

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RVSkin – Automatically Select the Right Update to Apply

When performing updates with RVSkin, one update fits all. Automatic updates are one of the most convenient aspects of the RVSkin application. RVSkin has a unique feature, which manages your updates and requirements based upon the version of cPanel that you are running on your server. Not only does RVSkin check which version of the update you need, but it also has a feature that will allow you to roll back the updates as needed.

sitebuilder license road RVSkin – Automatically Select the Right Update to Apply

With RVSkin, the maintenance cost is very low, and considering that RVSkin does not just blindly update your system, it is even better. RVSkin will only be updated after they have determined which version of cPanel you are using, and then they will choose an update accordingly so that every feature will work on your system. RVSkin is an excellent program designed for web developers, designers, hosting administrators, or resellers that want to offer more to their clients and find ways to make the experience of using their services more appealing. With RVSkin, you not only get the automatic updates, but you also get full access to language support, themes, and customization options.

Not only does RVSkin have the functionality to perform updates automatically, but it also has the ability to see the updates in progress and check the logs while the updates are happening. This will ensure that there no errors occur, and if they do occur, they can be easily fixed. An RVSkin license is a great addition to your hosting or reseller business because it allows so many options in terms of web design and customization. If you need to increase your offerings to your clients, then an RVSkin license will offer you the chance to customize each site with themes and unique styles, and with the automatic updates, you won’t even have to concern yourself with constantly making sure that the software is current.

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