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Virtuozzo Allows You to Start Your Own VPS Hosting Business

By licensing Virtuozzo, you will be able to get in on the web hosting game and start selling Plesk VPS servers. After you purchase a Virtuozzo license, you will be able to setup containers for your Plesk VPS accounts, and install complex virtualization for your server quickly and easily. Nothing is hotter than a VPS server in the Internet market today, and Plesk control panels are the best choice for managing and optimizing your containers and servers. With a Plesk license, you can set up a VPS server that has the functionality of a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost.

To jump into the virtual private server market with Virtuozzo, you will need to obtain a Plesk license and a Virtuozzo license. The great thing about using these products together is that they integrate effortlessly and are designed to provide the most comprehensive server management opportunities. With Virtuozzo containers, you can create several isolated containers on each server so that you will be able to easily share hardware, licenses, and other information between users.  Virtuozzo paired with Plesk has been shown to increase the productivity and efficiency of any web hosting company that operates off of a VPS server. Virtualization is made simple with the Plesk and Virtuozzo software programs. Together, they are an unstoppable force for web hosting companies.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Virtuozzo Allows You to Start Your Own VPS Hosting Business

With a Virtuozzo license and a Plesk license, you will be able to fully secure your virtual servers and configure a control panel that will give your potential customers the best options for starting their own site and monitoring the growth of your own business. With Virtuozzo containers, you will be able to effectively manage your VPS so that they will yield you the most productive results and allow you to give your customers the widest selection of features and applications of any automation software program.

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Virtuozzo Paired with Ksplice Makes Your Clients’ Lives Simpler

Virtuozzo and Ksplice together are a powerful combination that will provide you with the most complete way to provide your clients with safety. Ensuring constant uptime of tens or even hundreds of Virtual Private Servers (VPS’s) on a server node can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools to simplify and streamline the process. It is difficult not only because there are so many customers on the server but also because there are multiple updates for each VPS that need to be applied so that the server can be completely patched. Patch management is much more efficient for your server node if you have virtualization software like Virtuozzo and Ksplice to help your server remain online during updates and maintain the optimal level of security.

Ksplice and Virtuozzo Virtuozzo Paired with Ksplice Makes Your Clients’ Lives Simpler

When using Virtuozzo and Ksplice, you can streamline patch management and make it much easier for you to keep your servers protected even during an update. The power of Ksplice will allow patches to be instantly applied to all containers within a Virtuozzo server, and Virtuozzo is one of the most powerful virtualization software platforms that currently exists in the hosting industry. Being one of the fastest and most effective, it is also constantly being updated to ensure that it meets all of the most current needs of the community.

Virtuozzo does an amazing job that few virtualization software technologies can, and combining the power of Ksplice and Virtuozzo allows you an optimal way to control your servers and apply seamless patch management. Licensing both Virtuozzo and Ksplice, you will not need human interaction to apply patches to your server, as the self-healing system really requires no oversight from the administrator. As long as Ksplice is enabled to install automatic updates on a server and Virtuozzo containers are in place to help manage server security, you will have the most comprehensive system in the hosting industry.

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Virtuozzo Makes Things Simple – Scalable API and Lowering Costs

Virtuozzo is a program that will allow you to optimize your servers into individual, isolated containers. This product is great for web designers and web developers. The opportunities for web development are greatly expanded after licensing Virtuozzo to help manage your servers. Virtuozzo is a great solution for a number of IT professionals that want to manage their servers and website more effectively. Web development can be difficult without the right amount of management, organization, and optimization for servers. Virtuozzo will help web designers and developers in many ways.

When building an application, most developers really require the versatility of an API. Building an application without an API makes things extremely complicated. API is easily integrated into an existing system and it is also very flexible. It will open a wide array of doors allowing administrators that use Virtuozzo to put users in control of their own environments. This will lower support costs and give more freedom to your customers.

virtuozzo Virtuozzo Makes Things Simple   Scalable API and Lowering Costs

As more end users are put in control of their virtual environment, the cost of providing support will be shifted from the support teams. Hosting companies will become more profitable with fewer resources needed, and Virtuozzo is an excellent program to start integrating API configurations into your servers. Web development is sometimes complex and requires a lot of oversight from administrators, but with Virtuozzo, web designers and developers will be able to benefit from the latest technologies employed by the system.

If you need to find a way to manage your servers more efficiently, then Virtuozzo provides the solution to server management that many web designers and developers are looking for. Web development is an ever-expanding industry, and Virtuozzo is keeping pace with constant updates and upgrades that will give customers the opportunity to have the most secure virtual experience possible.

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